Why You Need To Act On Time


Story was told of a young boy that wanted to be a professional footballer but he kept delaying to apply in the football academy. He would always come up with one reason or the other to justify why he did not apply until finally, he made up his mind to go and apply. Alas, when he got to the application point, he was told that his age was already beyond the maximum allowable intake. He had lost out of his lifelong dream of being a footballer because he did not act on time. This is to let you know that any right action that should be done should be done at the right time for it to count. Here, we shall take a look at why you need to act on time.


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The sad truth is that a lot of people do not take actions until they see deadline attached to it and they begin to do "last minute rush," thereby exposing themselves to undue stress, mental strain and anxiety. But if you take timely actions as at when due, you will accomplish more and you will not be chocked up by deadlines. More so, when actions are taken on time, you will have time to try out a couple of new things and you will not be too bothered about what the result of the first attempt will be because you will have much time to try again.

The reason why a lot of people delay to take actions is because of the fear of negative outcome of the action - that is fear of failure. However, they forget that the solution to this lies in taking timely action. Even if you take the action and fail at it, you still have ample time to try again. So by taking actions early and on time, it will give you more than an enough time to make correction even if you do not take the actions well at the first trial. This is why timely action is a very crucial necessity of success. Delaying the action that you are supposed to take may eventually make it less effective. This goes to prove this popular quote:

Delay defeats equity.

When you have created a dream or have an idea, you need to put timely action towards it. You have to understand that trends are being updated as the world evolves. So delaying an action may make it stale and less relevant even if you decide to undertake it later. You need to know that most of the ideas that people create are bound by time and the relevance is relative to era. That is, an idea that is potent in this era may not remain so in the next decade, so you need to act while your idea and dream are still relevant.


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You will be surprised how the passage of time has affected a lot of things. Take for example; before the emergence of computational devices, office typing was majorly done with manual typewriter. However, in this era, a lot of things can be done with ease and speed by using a computer device. Now image if someone had an idea some decades ago that revolved around the manual typewriter but never took action towards it, in this present era, the idea would have gone into obsoletion, because the manual typewriter is almost phased out. So you see, as times change and as era passes, new trends emerge with different requirements. This is why taking prompt action is very necessary.

In case of an emergency for example; time can either save life or take it. This is to show you how important the concept of time it. It is true that time may be a free gift of life, but how you use that same time is what determines how your life will be. Everyone may have an equal allocation of time, but the usage is what matters. So treat time with a sense of seriousness. I will conclude with this popular and highly insightful statement about time:

Time waits for no one.

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Peace on y'all


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