The First DeFi Platform with AMM & Integrated NFT Farming on Fantom


The interconnectivity around blockchains keeps increasing following the interoperability function many projects are launching. Recently, Orion Protocol announced its bridge that will solve exploits problems attached to exchanges.

One blockchain I’m considering recently is Fantom blockchain after I discovered the first DeFi platform that provides both AMM and integrated NFT Farming on this blockchain.

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WingSwap: The First DeFi platform with AMM & Integrated NFT Farming

Decentralized finance adoption is increasing and introducing its features on different blockchains makes it possible for crypto lovers to have multiple ways of generating passive income. Fantom protocol set to deliver unparalleled speed, security, and reliability and with WingSwap automated, blazing-fast and all-round solution for the DeFi industry is materializing.

Unique Features on WingSwap

● Decentralized Exchange

● Liquidity pools

● Yield Farming

● Stablecoin Pools

● NFT Integration

● DEX Smart Trading

● Staking

● DAO governance option

As there are multiple solutions in DeFi and users’ complaints reveal, there are still issues attached to decentralized finance in which WingSwap will redefine the DeFi experience of users through the unique features above.

Transaction fees is one of the major issues user faces when transacting because of the congestion / scalability of the network, which results in high transaction fee but Fantom protocol allows transaction with zero fee. That’s amazing.

Let’s check out WingSwap DApp

WingSwap Dapp is secured by DeFi Yield with 5 major features: Swap, Farm, Stake, LaunchPad, and NFT.

So far, $2,265,530 is presently locked in the Dapp and still adding up day-in-day-out.

Take a moment to check out the Dapp and start interacting with Fantom through WingSwap.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Kindly see this article is an educational piece to guide you in your crypto journey and don’t forget to dig deeper by checking the official handles for more information.

Official Links

Website | Document | WingSwap Dapp | Twitter | Telegram

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