DAOVERSE: Earning through Social Mining


The reality of earning in the crypto/blockchain space keeps increasing daily but it takes the correct information and the right direction to unlock this reality.

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What Do You Know About Social Mining In This Space?
If you are new to the term Social Mining, it is simply a multi-chain community building and governance ecosystem that consists of different areas and entities.

The areas are:

  • Soft Staking SaaS
  • DAO Labs
  • Governance Social Mining

The custodian of Social Mining SaaS is DAO Labs and DAOVERSE is the Social Mining V1 platform that incentivized any interested individual to govern and build DAO Labs' Social Mining community. When it comes to governance in blockchain technology, the community hub for successful governance needs to be powered by a governance token used to fuel the system/protocol. This process is currently enabled by DAOVERSE's Labour Index system, meaning for every DAOVERSE user on Social Mining Platform will be rewarded with $LABOUR Token (governance token) based on individual efforts/activities. This serves as the fuel for their respective Labour Indexes.

Detail Info About The Platform

There are key features you need to take note of when using the social mining platform.

Get Started: It is important to know that many projects already used the social mining platform to build their communities. Examples are Elrond Network, Avalanche, OrionProtocol NEM & others. The first thing is to locate projects using this tool to assist their project in the areas of gaining multiple skilled supporters with huge impressions on their social media engagement.

Account & Profile Setup: You can access the platform via your Gmail or register newly with your email, but make sure you complete your profile information (KYC is important). Based on experience some of the projects reward correct profile setup.

Influence, Reputation and Points: These are the three user's most essential indexes on the platform. Influence is the determining factor of your position in the Social Mining DAO. The higher your influence, the more voting power within the ecosystem's governance and vice versa. Reputation & Points are the main factor that determines the user's labour indexes (Reward). A Reputation on Social Mining Platform equals the user's quality of contribution and Points are the user's quantity of work. In other words, users can earn Points by contributing work and making Reputation points based on the quality of their work.

How Do You Earn Points?

There are four major ways of earning points

  • Community Board participation (govern & contribute)
  • Completing Tasks
  • Social Media Program
  • Referral Program

The task is another important feature of the Social mining Platform because is the assignments created by the team or the DAO that govern the project to reward verified community members after completion.
Rewards for Tasks can be Reputation, Points, or the project's native tokens.

How about revealing the importance of your Twitter Account to command a reward on the Social Mining Platform?

What You Need!

  • Connect your Twitter account to the platform
  • Post Tweet with hashtags attached to the platform
  • Monetize the impression on your tweet

In conclusion, Social Mining is an easy way to earn some rewards on your engagement using your social media handle, I will advise you to check this out and give your submission.

Check Out DaoVerse Social Mining Platform

Enjoy Earning!!!

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While cryptocurrency earning is coming in a different form, social mining is still considered to be one of the best as it gives room for creative community members to come together and work as one for the project's success. This is insightful, I commend your writing and research prowess.


Trying this out won't be bad idea 🤔.