Lossless Scaling Application Review - Kind of like DLSS for all games


Hello guys, Today I like to make a review of an application called Lossless Scaling, which was recommended to me by a friend. At first, when he told me about this application it reminded me of the Nvidia DLSS feature which runs games in a lower resolution and upscales it into a higher resolution, resulting in better frame rates.
This application is not free but still, you can try the demo before buying the application from Steam. I was so excited to try this application and these are my findings.

How to use this application


So the first thing you should do is to change the graphics settings of the game to"1280x720" 720P if you have a "1920x1080" 1080P monitor and put the display mode to "windowed".

After that press "alt + tap" and open the Lossless Scaling application.

Then change the scaling type to AMD FSR which stands for "AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution".
For me, the AMD FSR worked better than the NIS which stands for "NVIDIA Image Scaling".

Then change the window to the game by pressing the alt + tab and then wait for 5 sec for the game to appear on full screen.


The graphics settings that you need to use are very important otherwise, this application won't work. The resolution in-game should be lower resolution than the native resolution of your monitor and also the display mode should be windowed.

Final Results

img_1.jpgmax scale

I tried the lossless scaling application on the Valorant game and here are the results.

At first, it blows my mind. The image quality was really comparable to 1080P. I don't know how they do it, but the sharpness, colours and detail looked much better than playing it on 720P. At that time I was like "yeah, it works".
Then I noticed the FPS count, which was lower than running this game on 1080P. Due to the upscaling, there was an impact on the frame rate of the game.

img_2.jpgmax scale

The detail of the floor is much clearer and the overall targets looked more detailed compared to 720P without lossless scaling application.

img_3.jpgmax scale

I tried it in different environments of the game and the results remained the same with much more clarity and colours while using the application.

img_4.jpgmax scale

It's clear that the upscaling is working fine but I don't think it's anywhere near Nvidia DLSS.


screenshot was taken from Nvidia website

As Nvidia DLSS offers upscaling technology with the use of "dedicated Tensor Core AI processors" on their RTX Graphics Cards, the performance of the game even after the upscaling is much better than running the game on native resolution, if you are using DLSS.


I don't think this application is worth it, as the AMD FSR has a huge impact on the frame rate of the game, as we don't have any dedicated processors for doing this task supportedly like in Nvidia RTX cards. The games run in a lower FPS than running it on native resolution while we use Lossless Scaling.