My son lost in the market - A chilling experience.

Good evening friends of the community, this time I come to tell you about a bad time that I lived in the market.

Since my son is 1 year old he goes with me to the market, when my husband is free we all go and so we buy everything and faster.

About a month ago I went with my son to the market as usual, he was trying to buy some things but since he had no change he cannot buy. I decided to go change the dollars, I let go of my son's hand to look for the bill and in less than 10 seconds I went back to look for my son and he was gone.


I thought he had hidden from me but when I saw that I couldn't find him and that he called him and nothing, I got very nervous, I asked some people and nothing. Despair invaded me and I started walking to see if I could find him, I remembered that there were guards in the market and I ran to ask for help. There were 6 guards and only one told me, take me where he lost it and what clothes he had, I only told him to help me find it.

We went through a police module and the guard told me to ask for help there, the policemen sitting there only asked me the age of the child, how dressed and a photo, they only said that they would pass the photo to the WhatsApp group. A man sees me desperate and I ask him where the radio is, fortunately there is a radio and there are horns that are heard all over the market. I tell him that the child got lost and took me to the radio.


When I get to the radio I see shadows of other people but I was psyched with the microphone for them to start talking. I tell the announcer that my son got lost and she says, isn't this kid? I ran and hugged him very tight. In that area where we were, the corridors were narrow and there were many people. He tells me that he walked and how there were many people he could not return, apart from that he had a face mask and nothing could be heard.

There were the two ladies who were the ones who found my son, they saw him disoriented, my son told him he was lost and they immediately took it to the radio. I thanked the two ladies who found my son and the announcer gave me some instructions. The correct procedure was to be call the lopna (Organic Law for the Protection of Children and Adolescents) but as she saw me desperate, she decided not to call, besides, it was the first time, what she did was write down my name, surname and ID number.


I am very grateful to God and to those ladies who found my son, this shows that there are still good people in this world. My son was lost for less than 10 minutes but that moment was an eternity. Since that happened, I try not to take my son to the market, I leave him with neighbors, if my husband goes, we take the child but they stay in the car while I shop.

It was a horrible experience that I do not wish on anyone, it was a distressing few minutes that I hope I will not repeat again.

Thank you very much for visiting him, see you soon.