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Bismillahir Rahman's Rahim All praise is due to Allah Ta'ala.
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu how are you all I hope I am very well in the infinite mercy of the great Lord Almighty Alhamdulillah in the infinite mercy of the great Lord Almighty.

Today I will talk to you about some of the people in our society who might not be there or some people in the society would have become obsolete. Today I will talk to you about them or their contribution.


If we take a look we see that there are many working people in our society who play a very important role in the society.
We often face obstacles in doing many things in our society or many things seem very difficult to us but because of the working people in our society we can solve those difficult things very easily.

We have cobblers in our society. We have coolies in our society. We have masons in our society. We have blacksmiths in our society.

The contribution of these four in our daily work is immense, their activities play a very important role in our lives in every aspect of our lives.

But we may not be able to evaluate them properly or we should all evaluate them properly.

In the society blacksmiths, masons, cobblers, porters, I will share with you today some methods to evaluate them properly.

Have you ever wondered how much danger we would face in our daily lives if working people were not good?

  • Different working people in our society contribute to our lives and strategies to evaluate them properly.

Coolie: -We usually see coolies at bus stand and train stations carrying heavy loads.

Our society has been built on these coolie laborers for ages and they have played an important role in human civilization.

And that is why the poet says to show sympathy and good behavior towards all these people.

Contribution of coolies to society

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Coolies play a very important role in our society and they help us a lot in every work. Today I will talk to you a little bit about their contribution.

Transporting goods of 1 passenger is one of their tasks.
If we take a look, we can see that the porters carry heavy luggage from one place to another for very little money. There are many more places like bus station and railway station.

2 Relieve human suffering: -We carry a lot of heavy objects when we go somewhere because we need them and those heavy objects are transported to us by the porters to alleviate the suffering that we will have.

3 When we move, many people carry heavy loads from one house to another, and these people carry us from one place to another. And this is why our daily life has become much easier.

4 These working people in Bankura transport our heavy goods just as it reduces our suffering and also wastes our time.

Evaluation of working coolie people: -

Collie saves us a lot of working people from a lot of hardships and saves us a lot of time by transporting our heavy goods as they benefit us we should evaluate them properly.

1 Paying fair dues, they work hard for us, they work hard to transport our goods, we should pay their dues too .

2 With respect, coolies are human beings, they also have respect, but there are some people in our society who look at coolies with different eyes, they do not show respect to them, in fact, it is not right at all to show respect to them, they are very happy and very interested in their work Therefore, everyone should respect them.

3 Carrying extra burden on their shoulders There are many people in our society who put extra work on the heads of porters for a small amount of money which many people do not have the strength to carry but what we do is we have extra money to collect our money by books We should all allow them to transport goods according to their strength so that they will be evaluated.

The contribution of mason working people in society and their evaluation

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In the society mason working people make our daily hard work easier. In today's society it is seen that most of the people do the building work but they contribute a lot in our life in the form of mason working people.

So we should all evaluate them well and encourage them to respect their work so that they will be encouraged to do the same and will do your job quite well.

The contribution of blacksmith working people in society and their evaluation

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Many of the things we do in our daily life are made by blacksmiths. If they didn't make these things, then maybe we would be hindered in our society or in our daily work or we wouldn't be able to do a lot of things like da boti kachi kural. We need so much in our daily lives that their contribution can never be over.

We should all evaluate them, encourage them, respect their work and pay them according to their work.

Contribution and evaluation of working people in the society

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The contribution of working people in our daily life is a lot. When we go for a walk, when our sandals or shoes suddenly break off, what do we do? Their contribution is a lot in our lives.

But there are some people in today's society who do not evaluate them properly and do not respect their work. It is not right to do it at all. Have you ever thought about their contribution in your life?

In conclusion, we can live a good life because there are working people in the society, otherwise it would be difficult for us to survive. Because of them, we can do everything very easily in peace and happiness. We should all evaluate them properly and their contributions in our lives are immense. Keep in mind.

  • I hope you like it,

Many thanks to everyone for reading my article. I wish you all the best and good health.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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