Our brain or our brain is something unknown about it

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim All Praises Great Allah Tayala Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu How are you all I hope you are all very well by the infinite mercy of the great Rabbul Alamin Today I will talk to you.
Today we will share with you some unknown things about our brain.

We all know that the central, controlling unit of our body, the storage of all these emotional memories is in our brain.

If we look a little closer, we see that different philosophers and different scientists, according to their views, are the best creatures in human creation because of the human brain and the human brain.
But have you ever wondered how much we know about our brains or our brains if we have any idea about the brother.

If you think about it, the activity of our body, our emotions, our memory, the processing inside and outside our body, our ability to think, our ability to think, our ability to retain the memory of what happened in the past are all done by this brain. Everything is controlled by the brain of the human nervous system in our body.

Today I have arranged this short article of mine

Today's article is about the memory card of our human body or the brain or something unknown about our brain.

Let's find out how big our brain is?

Our brains have a huge connection with our age body and the whole phenomenon of the country and gender.

Scientists have found that the brain weight of an adult male is 1,338 grams and that of an adult female is 1,197 grams.

However, the whale is compared to the largest brain animal in the world because it weighs at least 35 to 40 tons.

However, the human brain has the largest number of neurons of any living thing on earth, and it has specialized cells that store and transmit information to our brains through electrical and chemical signals.

If we think in general terms, we see that our brain has a source of one hundred billion neurons.
But now some researchers are skeptical of this information, saying it is not true at all.
But later another researcher studied it and found out that there are more than 6 billion neurons in our body.

How is our brain made?

We all know that the spine in our body is just our spinal water with our brain affecting our central nervous system.

We all know that there are three main parts of our brain,

  • 1 The brainstem which is elongated like a vine and connects the rest of our brain to the water in our spine.

  • 2 Cerebellum This is the back of our brain.

The function of this thing is that it discovers something new in our brain and keeps the new events in our life as memories in our brain and maintains its balance.

  • 3 The cerebrum This part is known as the largest part of our brain, through which we think, the basic structural events of our body, the formation of new decisions, the retention of memory, the emergence of learning something new, everything like communication manages this process.

Our brain is like we don't use tissues. Like soft tissues, we have a white screen in our brain. There are more nerve cells in our brain than non-neuronal.
Know that neurons in our brain help a lot in maintaining health,
There are more small blood vessels in our brain.

Now let's not know how small our brain is?

Although our brain is not very large compared to other parts of our human body, our brain needs extra energy to keep its brain functioning well.

According to a prominent scientist, if our brain is 2% of our body, then about 25% of the energy that our body needs is spent for our brain every day.

Now let's not know how much we use our brains,

We usually know that 10% of our brains we use every day and the remaining 90% we don't know how to use this information is still unknown to us.

Neurologist Krish Sathyan said, "Usually when we do something, when we are engaged in that work, some neurons in our brain are engaged in other work of our brain.

For example

We often try to find a solution to a problem when we have a lot of problems, but after a lot of searching, when we do not find a solution to the problem, we are silent for a while or fall asleep. The brain stays active.

The left brain of our brain is more active or the right brain is more active

In general, the brain plays a very important role in personality. Scientists have discovered that those whose left brain is more active are more interested in mathematics and are more analytical, while those whose right brain is more active are more creative.

Another study found that we use the hemisphere of our brain equally.

But one thing is very true that our left brain has more influence on our language and our right brain is more able to keep our communication.

Now let’s not know how our brain growth enriches, or changes, as we age.

We all know that as we get older, our life span decreases, and so do some neurons in our brain.
This causes some parts of our brain to contract.
Scientists have recently discovered that in addition to the reduction of neurons from our brain, new neurons occur or are born in our brain.
An average of 700 new neurons are discovered or created every day in the hippocampus of an adult human, according to the eminent scientist Thuret.

Take care of our brains

We do a lot of work every day. There is a time when we do our daily work and we forget to give ourselves time.

We all know that the brain is a very important thing in the life of every one of us. If you think a little, you will see that your existence is involved through the brain.

Therefore, we should all take care of our brain, like other parts of our body, our brain needs some time to rest. The brain is always active, but sometimes it is very important to rest the brain.

Reading our books can be one of the best ways to relax our brain through meditation.

Another thing that is very beneficial for the brain is physical exercise, through which the blood circulation in the brain plays the most important role.

In the end I will say one thing, we are completely immobile in this world without the brain, with the help of the brain we have an existence in this world. Through the brain we can discover all our memories, past, knowledge, intellect, everything through this brain

This was my short article,

I hope you know some of your unknown information. I wish you all the best and good health to the great Rabbul Alamin, I said goodbye here like today.
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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