Our Sunday table!

Our Sunday table was blessed with tasty food once again...


Chicken thighs marinaded in yogurt, mustard, chicken spice mix, curry, smoked paprika, white pepper, thyme, rosemary, oregano and olive oil. Bread crumbs for the crust and one hour of cooking at 200 degrees gave me this juicy final result. Pita bread and potatoes completed my dish. The potatoes were boiled for five minutes in salted water with the juice of a lemon, one bay leaf and some rosemary. Then, I strained them, poured olive oil, paprika, garlic powder and bread crumbs and cooked in the oven with the meat for 40 minutes more or less.


Trumpman had a pork steak cooked in the same marinade as the chicken ( I hate throwing food away and since I got leftover marinade I used it for the pork as well). The meat was really tender and although I had my doubts, it turned out the flavors blended in together well.


A salad with tomato, cucumber, carrot, olives, feta cheese and rusk, seasoned with salt, oregano olive oil and apple balsamic vinegar came to complete our lunch table.


And what about the dessert?
I made some chocolate cake but I forgot to add the baking powder in the batter and although tasty, the texture was not what I expected 😅 Little Man did not seem to bother though, as he gladly devoured a piece right after it got out of the oven!!

We're lucky we have enough food left for tomorrow! I won't have to spend my whole morning in the kitchen again 🤣

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I love those dinners with lots of tasty food that remains for the next morning too, haha :D