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LIFE SAPPER is one of the Monsters that attacks targets with a Magic Attack and can be very effective in battles when used with good strategy. Especially since he has the Life Leech Ability, every time he inflicts damage to the health of the enemy Monster, his health is increased. This means that the longer the battle continues, the more difficult him will be to destroy. I think the only downside is that Life Sapper only has 2 health, so I would like to point out that he is much more effective in battles when used with a good strategy. Having low health is a downside, but considering that he only costs 3 mana this is negligible, but it is necessary to place him in the right position on the team to prevent him from being destroyed. I'll talk about that below.

Life sappers are in between life and death. One side of their body is ghostly while the other is alive and well. They are neither fully living nor dead. They feed off the energies around them, and simply being within view of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak. They siphon energy from their victims, slowly weakening and sickening them while simultaneously healing themselves.


LIFE SAPPER has the Life Leech Ability at level 1. The Monster with the Life Leech Ability's health increases each time it damages an enemy Monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt. LIFE SAPPER also has the Redemption Ability at level 8. When a Monster with the Redemption Ability dies, it does 1 damage to all enemy Monsters. LIFE SAPPER really has 2 amazing abilities that can be very effective in battles. I think he will be much more effective in battles thanks to the Redemption Ability, especially when upgraded to level 8. I think Life Sapper is one of the Monsters every team needs.

Currently my LIFE SAPPER NFT card is at level 2 and I would love to upgrade it to level 8 in the future. I'm specifically aiming to upgrade this NFT card to level 4 soon, because when it's upgraded to level 4, his Magic Attack power becomes 2. A Rare NFT card, the LIFE SAPPER NFT card is currently starting at $0.16 on the market. The Gold Foil LIFE SAPPER NFT card starts at $2.30 on the market. Honestly, I didn't expect the Gold Foil one to be this low in price. When I roughly calculate now, the level 8 Gold Foil LIFE SAPPER one costs about $50, the Regular one costs about $18.5. Considering the NFT card power, the Gold one seems more advantageous to me.

Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Spreading Fury
Odd Ones Out
Mana Cap 27

Spreading Fury rule means all Monsters have the Enrage ability.
Odd Ones Out rule means only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.

Before starting the battle in the video, I reviewed the last 5 battles of the opposing player and the opposing player had quite a lot of powerful NFT cards. In particular, the opposing player preferred the level 5 Drake of Arnak summoner and monsters with the Repair Ability. Considering the rules of battle, I was almost certain that I would encounter a similar strategy. It was going to be quite a tough battle so I had to come up with a good strategy.

I preferred Magic Attackers in this battle, as I predicted that Monsters on the opposing team would have armor. But the rule of battle also had the Spreading Fury rule, so the Monsters I would place on the front line in my team were very important. They had to be resistant to powerful attacks or be able to evade powerful attacks. Also, because LIFE SAPPER had low health, monsters with the opportunity ability weren't supposed to target him first. That's why I put monsters with low health or flying ability in the top three positions on my team. Monsters with the Flying Ability have a chance to evade Melee Ranged attacks. And if there were Monsters with Opportunity Ability on the opposing team, they had to destroy the front line monsters first. I put Magic Attackers in the last three positions on my team. And I chose Delwyn Dragonscale as the summoner to increase the attack power of Magic Attackers. I believed that I had a better chance of beating the opposing team with this strategy.

Line Up


I chose DELWYN DRAGONSCALE as Summoner in this battle because DELWYN DRAGONSCALE gives +1 Magic Attack to all friendly Magic Attack Monsters. In this battle, I thought it would be a great advantage for the Monsters in my team to attack stronger so that I could destroy the monsters on the opposing team more easily.

Some time ago, Daria Dragonscale nearly lost her twin brother Delwyn to the Burn that had stricken so many of the scaled. She would have lost him completely, but at his deathbed she hired the services of a dark sorcerer who transferred his soul into a special Heliosoulstone. While he was suspended inside the stone, Daria traveled to the Earth Splinter, where she visited the Flesh Golems in the root of the Elder Tree. With their help, she created a new Golem from fleshy scraps. Delwyn’s soul was transferred into the new Golem, and Daria had her brother back… forever.

Position 1: CHAOS AGENT

CHAOS AGENT A very effective Monster with the Dodge Ability that costs only 1 mana but can't attack. Monsters with the Dodge Ability have an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks. I put CHAOS AGENT in first position in the team in this battle.

Inexplicably conjured from the Chaos plane before the rift was opened, Chaos Agents have been deployed for years in the Splinterlands to sow dissent and fear amongst the people. These infiltrators have an almost demonic appearance that is subtle enough to avoid detection and they keep their form concealed beneath dark cloaks and hoods. They never stay in one place for long, just enough time to whisper their words of rebellion and uncertainty amongst the people before slipping away without trace, leaving no evidence of their plans or existence for people to follow.

As the time neared for the Chaos Gate to open, these spies intensified their efforts to include sabotage and assassination, resulting in the destruction of many prominent figures and buildings throughout the Splinters.

These agents of chaos don’t carry any weapons and weren’t intended as soldiers. Subtle words and targeted destruction are their gifts, and they employ them with precision, carefully choosing their victims to create the most confusion and misdirection possible in preparation for their master’s invasion. They enjoy the speed and agility of assassins, being able to dodge most attacks, usually leaving their attacker in a confused mess and wounded by their own weapons.


CARRION SHADE is a highly efficient Monster that can attack targets with Melee Attack and has the Flying Ability at level 3, costing only 1 mana. Monsters with the Flying Ability have an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability. I put CARRION SHADE in second position in the team in this battle.

A carrion shade is a dark-winged bird that feeds off of the dead bodies of animals and people. They often flock to battlefields and dangerous parts of the wilderness where there are sure to be corpses. They travel in small groups and have no natural predators. Most people fear the carrion shades, though. For to see a group following you is to know your life is in danger. Tales whispered by the elder wise women claim that if you see a single carrion shade perched outside your home, then someone you love will die that night.


PELACOR DECEIVER is a Monster that can attack targets with Melee Attacks and has the Flying Ability. Monsters with the Flying Ability have an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability. He is also quite speed. I put PELACOR DECEIVER in third position in the team in this battle.

Many centuries ago, the Pelacor followed the prophet, Edalus, on what has become known as the ‘Exile.’ They followed him into the Mountains of Fire surrounding Mount Praetorous. For generations they lived alone in these mountains, hidden away. They were taught to worship the sun and moon gods, Solaki and Lunaki, deities dreamt into existence from the bones of Edalus’ dead parents and his zealous mind. The scriptures read that the two Gods were carried into the heavens upon pieces of consecrated land, torn from the World to raise them high, so that their worshipers would always look up to them and forever be beneath their great heavenly power.

On the darkest night of each year, Edalus would invoke rituals that would change the bodies of his people. Drawing upon the dormant power beneath the mountains, he caused angelic wings to sprout from their backs. This change was permanent and, in fact, most Pelacor offspring inherited the appendages from their parents.

When Edalus finally passed away, ancient as he was, there was infighting between the people as to who should lead. Fractures in their harmonious way of life started to appear, and two very definitive factions arose. One worshiped the brother God, Solaki, and the other worshiped the sister God, Lunaki. So began the ‘War of the Sons and Daughters’, where Pelacor fought against one another, a rivalry that still continues to this day amongst some.

When the magic veil over Praetoria and the Mountains of Fire fell, and the Chaos Legions invaded, the Pelacor decided they could hide away no more. Believing that the Chaos Legion would turn upon their floating Gods next if they conquered the Splinterlands, they began their ‘Great Descent’ into the lowlands, determined to fight this new threat that had arrived upon their world, and joined with the Lowlanders armies.

Position 4: DJINN MUIRAT

DJINN MUIRAT is a very powerful Monster that can attack targets with Magic Attacks and has 4 armor and 7 health at level 1. He also has Void Armor and Knock Out Abilities at level 1. Magic Attacks hit the armor of Monsters with the Void Armor Ability before their Health. Monster with the Knock Out Ability does double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned. Indeed, DJINN MUIRAT is a very powerful Monster with abilities that can be quite effective in battles. I put DJINN MUIRAT in fourth position in the team.

All rumors whispered in the darkest corners guess at where Djinn Muriat came from. Some say a union with death and darkness manifested him. Some say an underground rift opened and he clawed his way through. And others say a great dragon of darkness breathed its necrotic breath into a sacred temple, and the mixing of mana created Djinn Muriat.

The Djinn rules deep underneath Mortis, seated on a throne of skulls within his home, the Palace of Bone. He has hundreds of servants in his command, and even more people under his influence.

Through centuries many have tried to claim the Palace of Bone for themselves. For within lies ancient treasures, powerful spell scrolls, and long-buried secrets. Djinn Muriat repels each one. The most powerful to have tried was the great serpent dragon Gamadan the Earthquake. It slithered its way into the palace, consuming all of Djinn Muriat's soldiers that stood before it, until it came to the throne room itself. Djinn Muriat killed it in a single blow, and now has its skull mounted above his throne.

Many powerful people seek an audience with the dark Djinn, hoping to exchange favors and get access to his magic. But Djinn Muriat manipulates each deal, wish, and exchange. And through the years he's controlled kings, emperors, and sorcerers.

While Djinn Muriat rarely leaves the Palace of Bone, when he does it is a monumental occasion. The ground shakes as he walks, and the shadows coil around him like snakes. Any in close proximity hear whispers in the air that drive the weak-minded mad. Djinn Muriat has been known to walk directly to the fortresses of his enemies, or the lairs of great monsters that oppose him, and deal with them single-handedly.

Throughout the centuries Djinn Muriat has earned many nicknames. “The Nightmare in Bone”, “He on the Skull Throne,” and “The Conjurer of Death”.

Position 5: LIFE SAPPER

I put LIFE SAPPER in the fifth position in this battle. LIFE SAPPER is a Monster that can be very effective in battles, but since he only has 2 health, he needed to stay away from the opposing team's first attacks and should not be destroyed early. It would be harder to destroy him in later rounds as his health could increase as the battle continues. Also, destroying him early in battle would have disrupted my entire strategy.

Life sappers are in between life and death. One side of their body is ghostly while the other is alive and well. They are neither fully living nor dead. They feed off the energies around them, and simply being within view of a Life Sapper will make you feel sick and weak. They siphon energy from their victims, slowly weakening and sickening them while simultaneously healing themselves.


SPIRIT HOARDER is a Monster that can attack targets with Magic Attack and has the Triage Ability. Monsters with the Triage ability heal the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage. Frankly, it was a bit risky to put SPIRIT HOARDER in the last position in this battle, but I had no choice.

When the Chaos Legion opened their portals to begin the invasion of Praetoria, the great vortexes tugged at the edges of time and space, drawing in matter from other realms. These portals were so powerful that other beings were dragged through against their will, snatched from their own worlds. And so it was that the Spirit Hoarder found itself walking the lands of Praetoria. No one truly knows where it originated from, but the consensus remains the same: They wish the Spirit Hoarder would return and no longer blight the Splinterlands with its wicked presence.

Described as almost dryad-like in its appearance by the few that have lived to tell the tale, the Spirit Hoarder is a faceless creature aside from two large, yellow eyes. Its body is a deep green with tributaries of aqua blue running through its skin, converging into jagged dorsal vertebrae along its back, and the uneven ruts of its head almost look like broken wood jutting away from the otherwise smooth and serene outline of its body. The alien appearance of this creature makes it difficult to tell where it resided on its home world, and it is likely at some point in evolution its habitat was in water, but now it is clear that it makes its home on solid ground and is completely terrestrial.

Granted, it is a docile looking creature, but the gnarled staff it carries, with branches twisted into a series of synchronised patterns, holds a sinister, spinning orb of power. It is a mystic force, the likes of which has never been seen before. This is the Vault of Spirit Hoarders and the one true source of its power. If one were to look at the orb closely enough, they would see the tormented spirits drifting inside, desperate to be free of the anguish prolonged by their eternal prison. What makes the Spirit Hoarder so utterly terrifying, though, is the indifference in which it stalks the land. The Spirit Hoarder cares not of the source of souls it takes, with both Praetorians and Chaos Legion having fallen victim to its obscene harvesting.

Battle Comments

My strategy in this battle was specifically to evade the attacks of monsters on the opposing team as much as possible and destroy them with effective Magic Attacks. Honestly, this strategy of mine worked pretty well, we were able to easily win a very tough battle against a very powerful team. If I hadn't put Dodge and Flying Monsters on the front lines on my team, the monsters on the opposing team would have been much more effective. Also, Magic Attack Monsters were quite effective at destroying Monsters on the opposing team. Honestly, in this battle, it would be quite difficult to beat the opposing team with Melee and Ranged Attacks, so it was quite appropriate for me to opt for Magic Attack Monster.

My opinion

LIFE SAPPER is a highly effective Monster that becomes harder to destroy as the battle continues. But since he has 2 health, it's a pretty easy monster to destroy. That's why it's very important to put him in the right position in the team with a good strategy. Otherwise, he can be destroyed on the first attack. That's why I usually put him in the middle positions in the team, but I take into account that there may be monsters with opportunity ability and snipe ability on the opposing team. In this way, he can stay away from the first attacks. Also, when I upgrade the LIFE SAPPER NFT card to level 8, I think it will be much more beneficial for my team.

What are your thoughts on the battle in video and LIFE SAPPER? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

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Lol Magic dose the job easily when not countered with silence ability.

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