Two unique types of banana mushrooms


Hello Hivers

Time flies so fast and imperceptibly we have met again in this great community, of course to share some mushroom portraits we have, and this is my contribution to #fungifriday by @ewkaw

This morning I went back to the banana garden to clean some banana stems that were affected by the flood, of course I didn't forget to bring my cell phone this time, because I also had another mission, which was looking for mushrooms, and sure enough, I found two types of mushrooms growing. in dead banana stems, both of them also have their own uniqueness





A group of small mushrooms looks like they are growing perfectly, they have a cream color and look like pink at a glance, and on the top of this mushroom you can also see white spots which also seem to be other mushrooms

This mushroom grows on banana tree trunks that have been dead for a long time, unfortunately they don't have large groups, only consisting of a few sticks





Some small animals also seem to like this mushroom very much, they play and lick the parts of this small mushroom, and it seems that it is their favorite food, because when I drive away the small animals, they keep coming back.




After I took a closer look, it turned out that the white spots were fleas that had stuck to the top of this mushroom. Whether they lived together or not, I also don't know. What is certain is that this little mushroom is really interesting to look at.

Apart from that, I also found two other banana mushrooms, but they were much bigger than the mushrooms above






I found these two mushrooms not far from the previous location, only about 5 meters away, and they grow on live banana tree trunks.

This is a mushroom that is easy to find at my place, and is often used as food, even my mother really likes this type of mushroom, therefore, I pulled out these two young mushrooms for my mother to cook.

If they have grown, the taste of these mushrooms will be different, and lucky I found them at the right time, they look like they are just starting to grow,




I briefly remembered my childhood when I saw this mushroom, remind you of the super mario game that I used to play a lot😅, it looks like this is the mushroom he ate to make him grow up😁

The inside also looks very soft, I deliberately tore it because my mother will cook it soon, how will it taste later, only my mother knows because I have never eaten any mushrooms,

That's all I can share for now, thank you and see you soon

Note; I took all the pictures with a smartphone camera + apexel macro lens and edited them with picsart