Beautiful gill mushroom kingdom

Hello Hivers

Gill mushrooms always amaze us with the beauty they have, and we often meet them growing in groups which make a beautiful mushroom kingdom, but this is the first time I found a large mushroom kingdom, their number is quite a lot so that it presents a beautiful sight. awesome, here are some pictures that I managed to get, for my contribution in #fungifriday hosted by @ewkaw

A dead tree root became the place where these beautiful mushrooms established their kingdom, and it seemed that these mushrooms had just grown, their size was still small, but from any angle they looked very beautiful.

All parts of this log are overgrown with mushrooms, but only on the right is where the kingdom is located, as seen in the photo above, the umbrella looks quite beautiful, with orange mixed with red, and some of them are starting to bloom

Their gills look very beautiful and feel soft when I try to touch them

Look at it, this is the true kingdom of gill mushroom, everything is clearly visible, the soft fine lines show every detail, even though the size of this mushroom is still not fully bloomed

There are dozens of mushrooms that grow in this kingdom, and several others grow around the entire trunk of the dead tree, with various sizes and very interesting variations.

This mushroom may also belong to the Gymnopilus group, but for sure I do not know which Gymnopilus it belongs to, because as we know, Gymnopilus itself consists of hundreds of species.

The mushrooms above grow on the other side of the tree trunk and still belong to this mushroom kingdom, maybe they are in charge of maintaining the security of their kingdom😅

The shape and size are slightly different from the previous mushroom, but if you pay attention, they also belong to the same type of mushroom, and what's unique, in the first picture, you can see an old mushroom, and this gill mushroom grows right under the old mushroom, you guys can see it is not

According to the source I got, it looks like these mushrooms cannot be consumed, they contain toxins that are harmful to health, and many people are mistaken for this mushroom, because it is a little similar to a bamboo mushroom which also has the same color and gill shape as this mushroom.

This is the overall view of the right side of the tree trunk where the gill fungus grows, I didn't take a picture of the left side because lots of red ants bit me, and only a few pictures I managed to get on the left side of the tree trunk

Even though my feet are swollen and feel pain from being bitten by ants, I feel quite satisfied to be able to see this beautiful mushroom kingdom, it's really extraordinary, moments like this are rarely seen in person, and for this time, that's all That's all I can share, hope you guys like it and see you next Friday

Note; all pictures were taken with a smartphone camera and edited with lightrhoom + picsart

Happy FungiFriday 🍄


it's really amazing what you show on this occasion and I'm certainly happy to see it