Introduction: Earn on Gemini Exchange


Why did I decide to finally look into this investment option I've known about for several months?

Source: Press Release on Gemini on 2 February 2021

The answer may provide you enough of an incentive, dear reader, to give serious consideration to this investment option for your portfolio!

Let's take a closer look ... 🧐

Gemini Earn

In the midst of being bogged down in working through all of the complexities (don't ask ... 😏) of paying taxes on my crypto investments, I decided I needed to start saving ahead of the annual "big event."

So ...

Having begun to save a certain % of the income stream I have begun taking "out of the cloud," I did what I have always done. Began to accrue $$s monthly in our savings account in our credit union.

You may wonder, dear reader, what do interest rates look like on savings accounts here in America?

Source: Interest rates at @roleerob's credit union vs. Bank of America

I despise these global financial giants and have been a member of a credit union instead literally all of my adult life. A quick glance at these figures gives you at least part of the reason why. Our APYs are 5X those of the "wealthy" clients of Bank of America!

Which is, quite frankly, small consolation in a country that seems to be hell-bent on destroying
the value of its currency via endless rounds of printing ever larger amounts of it ...

So ...

How did Gemini Earn get my attention? Being on their mailing list, I typically just delete most of what they send me without ever opening it. Seeing one recently about an increase in their GUSD interest rate did the trick!

It had been 7.4%. It was increasing to 8.05%!

Source: Gemini Earn webpage on Gemini

When was the last time your financial institution increased its interest rates? Here in America, I can't remember the last time ...

Since Gemini is my "gateway" to get funds transferred "out of the cloud" and back to our credit union (no cost ...), it was a simple matter to try out Earn.

How did it turn out?

In one day
I had earned more
than in one year!

Okay, okay ... That might be a slight exaggeration, but that was how dramatic my first impression was, upon seeing how much I had earned in one week. Beyond that, did anything else stand out about my experience?

  • Moving the USD in your account into GUSD on Gemini's Earn page could not be any easier.

  • Your interest is compounded and added to your account daily!

  • There are no fees to put $$s in, nor to take them out!

What's not to like? 🤷‍♂️ In combination with how easy (and free!) it is to utilize this service, the GUSD APY is just too good to pass on. I have now begun accruing my "tax payment savings" USD in my Gemini Earn account as GUSD!

"How do I buy or sell my Gemini dollar (GUSD)?" - This webpage probably covers
just about any question you might have about Gemini's stablecoin.


Bottom line: I have elected to use Gemini Earn as temporary "storage" for my USD. Specifically until I need to withdraw it to pay taxes for my crypto investments. Yes, "storing" it here is riskier than having it in my credit union.

But ... The incredible difference in interest is just too great to pass up.

Here are all of the crypto rates on Gemini Earn. As stated above, my specific interest is in temporary "storage" of GUSD, dear reader, but you may find others in this extensive (and growing) list, that is of interest to you.

Trust and Security?

The story of the Winklevoss twins and their legal battles against Mark Zuckerberg over the control of Facebook is well known. Particularly the best part. They choose to invest it into Bitcoin very early on and were (are?) legendary, billionaire HODLers!

I've always liked their story. Not so much that I "like" (never have met them and likely never will) the twins, as I absolutely despise Mark Zuckerberg and all that he represents.

Moving right along ...

In 2015, they launched Gemini. I made my first investment into the cryptosphere in August 2017. Following recommendations I had read, I executed my first exchanges on Coinbase. Within the first 2-3 months, I learned about Gemini. Upon trying it out, I quickly quit using Coinbase in favor of it and have never looked back.

Source: Warren Buffet quote on BrainyQuote

Great. Having worked very hard over a long career to earn the $$s I have available now to invest, I try never to forget "Rule #1!"

Associated with that, I have always promptly moved my exchanged cryptos out of any centralized exchange, into a wallet. Back by my Ledger, wherever possible!

What level of trust can we reasonably have then in what is still a centralized exchange? We want "guaranteed" (sorry, no guarantees in life ...) safety and security!

Source: Creator Inactive account – ID 8385 on Pixabay

Well, it is no surprise that Gemini addresses this themselves:

"What are the Risks of Earn?" - On this page, you will find an FAQ-style approach to answering this important question.

Source: Press Release on Gemini on 30 August 2021

I don't know about you, dear reader, but there is at least some "wisdom" in following the lead of "smart money." If $3B have already been invested after 6 months, that should provide you with at least some peace of mind about the security of your funds, should you choose to invest them in Gemini Earn.


All that said, anyone with any experience at all in the cryptosphere knows it is high risk. At least compared to almost any other asset class into which you may choose to invest your hard-earned $$s.



"Stable" coins have a place in the portfolio of any serious investor in the cryptosphere. Investing them into platforms where interest can be earned on them, while HODLing, is just common sense.

Few would argue that point. Where then, with our myriad (and growing) options, should we make the investment? Well, for a portion of my portfolio and the reasons explained above, I think Gemini Earn has a lot to offer.

If you have similar goals, I'd encourage you to give Gemini Earn serious consideration. I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Hive Communities and add increasing value to our Hive blockchain! 👍 😊

Blogger @roleerob
Hive "Dolphin" 🐬, LeoFinance "Whale" 🐋, & Man Cave "Dragon" 🐉

🐝 🍯 🐝


P.S. I am not a financial adviser. Please consider this post as financial information and / or opinion only. Please perform your own due diligence, in whatever manner you seems best to you, if you have found it to be beneficial.

P.P.S. One unfortunate caveat to considering Gemini is that it only provides service to all of the states in the U.S. and Singapore. Currently. I would imagine that will change over time, but ... For now, that is the case.


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I've mostly used coinbase in the past but I just opened a Gemini account for Brave and BAT. I haven't put any money in yet and I'm not sure what I'll do with any BAT I earn yet either.


Interesting @darth-azrael! One of the first benefits I found in using Gemini over Coinbase was there were no fees for sending my exchanged crypto out to my wallet. BTC and ETH fees, even in 2017, were quite high and this was a major part of my decision to get away from Coinbase.

In addition, at the beginning, Gemini's exchange fees were lower, although over time, they are (I guess, since I haven't used Coinbase for a long time) probably about the same.

Nice to see you using Gemini. I have seen references to Brave and BAT - one of my favorite tokens. Just like here reading about Earn, I'm sure I would benefit from also reading about Brave and BAT, so that I could take advantage of what they are trying to do for their customers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 71 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


I don't have a gemini account but I did make a blockfi account. Recently the SEC wants to pursue Blockfi so I think they will also go after Gemini. However I don't really get interest on stable coins but rather I use Blockfi for the BTC interest.

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"... I think they will also go after Gemini."

Perhaps. But they are already under all of the strictest regulations in America, being headquartered in New York. They also clearly state their desire to be fully compliant with all financial regulations. So, I am not too concerned about it.

"However I don't really get interest on stable coins but rather I use Blockfi for the BTC interest."

For me, it works well, as I have money that I need to save for paying taxes. And I need to steadily accrue it over roughly a year in time. For this purpose, Earn is perfect.

I do have other cryptos which are generating an income stream. My favorite being CubFinance! 🦁🚀

Thanks for stopping by. 👍 Having a great day! 🙂

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Dear @roleerob, Your business seems to be going well!
I envy the free trading and investment environment of US cryptocurrencies!
Is there a tax on the trading and holding of cryptocurrencies in the US?


"Is there a tax on the trading and holding of cryptocurrencies in the US?"

Yes @goldgrifin007 there is. As written in this post, that is the reason for my interest in Gemini Earn.

I hope all is well with you!

P.S. The LEO in your wallet is steadily growing! 👍


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