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Agriculture will always be a field that must continue to be developed. Without agriculture, we cannot eat food. As long as people still need food, agriculture will and must always exist.

The problem is how we can manage agriculture so that it can be more productive.

Agricultural land management is important to pay attention to. Without paying attention to land management, agriculture becomes poor and agricultural yields are also low. The low agricultural output will certainly have a negative impact on meeting the needs of the community.
Innovation in agriculture is growing so that modernization of equipment cannot be denied. Likewise, the discovery of superior seeds that can increase crop production.

Use of modern tools

Agricultural land management can be done traditionally or modern. The use of modern tools such as tractors, seed-planting machines, harvesting machines and others has made agriculture in the village more advanced.

There are many reasons that cause more and more farmers to use modern tools.
1. Lack of manpower
Many farmers do not have the next generation in agriculture. More and more young people are choosing to work in cities and leave agriculture. As a result, there is a shortage of labor in agriculture. Of course, this difficulty must be responded to by making tools that can replace a number of workers. The choice of modern tools becomes very realistic to be applied in agriculture.

2. Effectiveness
The use of modern machines makes work more effective and efficient. By using a machine, the work that previously had to be done by many people can be done by one machine. Likewise, the work that used to be done in a long time becomes shorter.
3. Practicality
Machines make everything more practical and farmers have more time to do other more important things. Likewise, farmers have more opportunities to relax a little.

Traditional equipment

However, farmers still have to use traditional equipment or manual methods. This is done to solve problems that the machine cannot.
For example, in the process of plowing with a tractor, it cannot reach the corner of the land, so if you only rely on the right machine, the land in the corner will not be cultivated properly.


As can be seen in the photo I took in the corner of the rice field near the banana tree, the tractor couldn't pass it, so it had to be hoeed manually. With a hoe, we can turn the soil in the pojo plot so that the soil becomes more friable and has the opportunity to support the productivity of what will be planted.


In another corner of the plot, I also use a hoe to dredge and later fill it with more fertile soil. this is very helpful so that all areas to be planted become well cultivated.

With the integration of modern and traditional technology, between machines and manuals, we hope that we will be able to support the fulfillment of food programs for families, communities, nations and countries.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Best regard from Indonesia.

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