Shifting the mind set about social media




Dear all my friends..
The development of social media is very easy for us to see today. Now everyone can feel that they have their own medium. This is very different from the situation in the past. We know social media in the form of traditional media such as television, radio, or newspapers.

To have a media, of course, we must have large capital both to finance production and promotion to distribution. It is different with today's social media, which mostly shifts to digital media. We can access social media easily, as long as we have an internet network even at low speeds.


With social media, everyone can post, share ideas, work together, and collaborate to create, think, debate, find people who can be good friends, find partners, and build a community. Posts that are published will be a way for people to spread influence, attract attention, or even create a commotion.

All of this could be an attempt to show the identity of the poster. It is undeniable that with social media we can actualize ourselves. We can show others while giving creative ideas and getting recognition.

In fact, if we look at the recent developments, many people are consciously and or unconsciously involved in spreading false news, hate speech or racism.

In fact, social media is made of course so that it can provide the maximum benefit to the community. In this condition then people can become embarrassed and lazy to use social media.


Shifting the mindset about social media

The birth of blockchain technology is capable of making a big change. Everyone can access information transparently. On social media people will not be able to delete because the digital footprint will be very clear. In this position as users we must be able to put ourselves well. give ideas that give good hope and be more careful. Thus, social media has more value that benefits its users.
Likewise, users will be more creative and start thinking about providing creativity in posts while collecting coins. Through this digital platform, blockchain-based media is growing and developing.
Well, from here we can see there are several things that are worth noting.

1. Resilient
In social media platforms, everyone is required to be more patient, creative and never give up. Everyone needs great endurance while on one platform. Maybe at the beginning of joining many posts that did not get rewarded. However, we have to be sure that we are on the right track and we just need to be consistent in managing our accounts.

2. Can without capital
Managing an account will certainly take a lot of hard work. For some people who have capital, of course, there will be far more opportunities by buying existing coins, these coins are then staked and make them even stronger.

However, it will be different if we join without capital. Like I did when I joined and I run and manage this account. I realized that I joined by not spending a penny of capital. I didn't make any coin purchases. I only rely on income from paying for the posts that I publish. From that income I try to stake so that I can add strength to this account.

3. Works are our assets
I only rely on the work I post to get rewards. I am fully aware that I am not a person who has excess capital. I just made social media activities that previously had no economic value into more useful activities. There's more value in earning coins through the rewards I've collected.
It is through this work that we make all ideas, opinions or other things an asset that we have. This increasingly makes each user have to be more creative so that he gets attention and rewards from big accounts.

4. Fill the free time
At this time, of course, we need to consider using the free time we have by working. We can post the works that we make. Thus the platform has a good influence on our lives.

We have to think positively by making what I do useful and can fill our spare time. From here we can have bright thoughts to continue our activities on this blockchain.



We must also have thoughts as a trader. We must have opinion such as buying and selling. In these proces of course we have to look at various things including what types of commodities are sold. We also thought where to sell them and with what kind of promotions we will increase the selling value of our assets.

We must be able to make our work as an asset. So, we must thought about our post, where to be placed in a position that is easily seen by many readers. This means that when we post articles, photos, videos, or other works, we have to choose whether to post them through the community or through our own blogs.

We also need to be careful. We have to choose the right tag so that we can get a good response and the reward we expect. Don't let us choose the wrong community, or tag that can result in low rewards or even downvotes.

So I can say that the point is we still have to pay attention to the work that we post so that each of our posts can make assets that can be released to the market and benefit from the rewards we get.

For that, we must not give up hope to continue working so that there is a community in writing and one day we will feel better.

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.
Best regard from Indonesia.

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