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I live in Java where the Javanese culture is still quite strong. We know various kinds of practices that will bring us closer to God. I noted that there are several types of fasting from the ordinary to the extreme due to not eating or drinking for several days. In addition, in Java, we also know meditation in various forms. There is meditation in the water by soaking, or solitude in a cave or other place. All of this is done to train oneself in order to get closer to God.

As a Javanese, I know meditation as Semedi which comes from Sanskrit, Samadhi. Meditation is a form of local wisdom that is very useful in our lives. Through meditation we will be able to find calm and be wiser in our actions.

Semedi is believed to make our mental health better maintained. We can avoid and be cured or reduce the symptoms of stress and other physical pain. Stress often triggers physical pain which is also known as psychosomatic. This means that an unbalanced mental state will affect a person's physical health.

Given the importance of meditation for both physical and mental health, when #ecotrain asks questions in #qotw, this opportunity will certainly provide space for observers, actors or all community members to participate.

I still remember when @eco-alex posted moving to India and he wanted to do a lot of things there including yoga and of course meditation. I believe it as a journey of life that will be better, Amen.

Easy little bit difficult.

As a spiritual journey, meditation really helps every human being to get to know himself better. During meditation we will become engrossed in ourselves personally. By knowing yourself, you will know God better.

In meditation we no longer involve the mind. We will be free from worldly affairs for some time. When we free ourselves from all tension and thoughts, the body will become more relaxed. As a result, after the meditation is over we will become calmer, more patient and will continue to develop spiritually better.

To do meditation we need a supportive atmosphere. For that we need to prepare a comfortable place and time, comfortable clothes and if necessary an alarm so that we know how long we have been doing meditation. Even though when we enter and are engrossed in meditation we will forget the time. If we are accustomed to meditating, we will more quickly feel engrossed in the serenity of meditation.
After sufficient preparation, the next step is to meditate. Sit up straight in a comfortable position to meditate properly. In general, the sitting position during meditation is cross-legged. We can use a softer base to feel comfortable. The thing to remember when meditating is not to sit back.
There are several opinions whether to close your eyes immediately or slowly. If you want to slowly close your eyes, you can use the tip of your nose as the focus of your view. Breathe slowly and feel the blood flow. Adjust the breath with the nose either inhaling or exhaling air. Remember, meditation would be better to use nose breath. so try to keep your mouth closed, but don't let your jaw stiffen.
Lowering the chin position so that it looks like you are looking down will help you regulate your breath.

If your eyes suddenly feel like closing them, just follow them, but you have to stay aware so you don't fall asleep. Relax all the muscles and don't try to control the movement of your hands or other body parts. Gradually we will enter into correct and beneficial meditation.

However, to reach the fun stage is certainly not an easy problem for beginners. It takes a process to be able to enjoy meditation.

Often when we are meditating we remember things other than meditation. This is quite a difficult thing. The thought often comes suddenly. Suddenly we remember a problem and we get sucked into thinking about it.
To overcome this, return to focusing on controlling your breath, either out or inhaling. It helps us not to be tempted in our own thoughts.
I suggest for Muslims when meditating to use the phrase "ALLAH HU AKBAR which means ALLAH (God) is The Great." When we breathe air we chant in our hearts the word ALLAH. When we exhale we say in our hearts HU AKBAR. This will help us in meditating.

The hard thing that is also experienced during meditation is a sitting position that still makes us uncomfortable and wants to end meditation immediately while we still don't succeed.
For this we need to practice continuously so that we will be able to enjoy meditation as a good way to help our lives.

We must remember that everything is a process. People who can now meditate lam and seem to be enjoying it also have a tough initial period of meditation. Thoughts that come with tingling in the legs or body. All that has been experienced by meditators.

Meditation goes beyond concentration.

When we first do meditation we will be asked to focus on one thing. For example, continue to pay attention to one point. It could be that we use the tip of the nose or stare at a point until we can finally concentrate.

However, meditation does not make concentration an end goal. Concentration is only the way to attain mental liberation. In fact, often when we meditate we try to concentrate more and even more our thoughts become more and more branched before finally we can control and focus more.

After we have mastered our concentration, we have to move on to a deeper stage of meditation. We'll be able to find ours is empty. We are only aware of our existence. we will know much more than the breath and pulse that never stops. We will get to know the silence more and more and feel that we are a small part of the universe. We will know more and more that above us there is a much greater power of God.

That's what I wrote this time, I hope it's useful
Best regard from Indonesia.

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