Optimism behind crypto market anxiety


Dear all my friends..

Today I saw the slow movement of some crypto coins. Incidentally, the coins that I used as assets experienced this. I have observed since this morning the MARO value has become very low with a very slow movement. Likewise, the Cartesi value (CTSI) since a few days ago seems to be moving in place. Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) has been sitting idle for a long time.
The MARO value this afternoon only moved below 0.00000270 BTC.
Of course this sometimes makes me feel very sad. The reason for that sadness is because I am not a rich person who has a lot of money. I'm just a newbie in the crypto world.
In fact, yesterday I just saw a fast and profitable movement in the trade I was doing



I look forward to them being the mainstay coins that will be able to provide benefits. However, what can you do? Currently it is undergoing a process that can be called metamorphosis.
That way we will be able to see that someday it will become more beautiful and legit. A process that may be a bit painful when the value of our trade declines.
However, behind that I feel there is pride because everything I have made into assets is not because I took money out of my pocket. Everything I am an asset to is the result of running the HIVE platform. Right now I feel lucky because various seniors such as @nathanmars have given moral injections so that we can continue to survive and face HIVe better in the future. Even in one of his tweets he said at Christmas the HIVE value would reach $2. This is not impossible. We still remember how the Hive used to cost less than $0.5. At that time we dreamed that Hive would reach $1. And now it's over. Then we can dream again there will come a time when the Hive is worth more than $10.
All we have to do is be patient, consistent and keep working.
I believe that what I am trying to do will give results because I believe that the effort will not betray the results.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for all of us.

Best regard from Indonesia.

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