Rio is engrossed in playing games on his cellphone. He doesn't care about his surroundings. He also does not feel hungry or thirsty. Until one day he felt very thirsty. But he did not immediately get up to fetch water. He shouted

"Get some water"
His sister who was nearby was surprised and knew that if his brother was not served immediately, he would be angry.

"My sister get me some water, okay?"
"Okay," went straight to the kitchen.

His sister makes hot tea. She immediately served it to his brother. But the tea is too hot so it is not immediately drunk. Rio continued playing the game while waiting for the tea to cool down. Unbeknownst to him, a cockroach flew into the mug where Rio was drinking. The cockroach is dying. That's when Rio fingered the mug on the table to drink. His right hand did not stop pressing the game button. His left hand lifted the mug. When his lips touched the foreign object of the tea in the mug he just noticed that the mug had a cockroach in it.
He immediately shouted while taking out the drink that was already in his mouth

Thus all my writing to take a part in Single prompt weekend free write
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