Hope: It Is Real bull run Not Bull Run Trap


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Bitcoin's rise in recent days is certainly encouraging news for crypto players. This expected rise was also followed by many other coins. we can see the trade turn green. One thing that is certainly very much to be expected after the last few months almost all crypto is bleeding.

For me, who is new, this hike is a breath of fresh air. Based on previous experience, the price improvement took about three months but this time the bearishness lasted longer. so when you see the movement of Bitcoin prices that are creeping up, it is certainly a very positive thing to look forward to.

However, there are concerns this is a bull run trap. This means that the value of Bitcoin looks up for a while so that many investors enter but then it will decline sharply again. If this happens, it will certainly become an increasingly difficult problem for everyone in the crypto world.

If it is true that this is a bull run trap, investors who enter will certainly experience big losses. Further consequences will certainly make the market quieter because there is a fear of investors to invest their capital.

Personal Hope

Since Bitcoin's value has plummeted I can't do anything. I just kept waiting without any desire to sell the coins I had. I hope one day their value will rise again. Watching Bitcoin's rise these past few days I'm praying that this will bring back all the assets I have.
In my heart I always pray that the bearishness will end soon and consolidate soon so that all crypto values ​​will be able to move up.
However, I have also read some tweets that remind us that we must remain vigilant so as not to enter into a fake bull run that can get us trapped. This is also a good warning because as a community we must remind each other not to fall into a deep hole.
I believe that at some point the crypto value will rise again, although it will take time to consolidate and rise slowly but surely.
This belief is based on a very limited number of cryptos, unlike fiat money which will continue to grow. At some point we will be able to enjoy real results.

That's my writing, hopefully it's useful.

This article is my personal opinion, not financial advice.

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