Chili plant cleaning


Dear all my friends,..

Every vegetable cultivation has its time. Not always harvest and productivity has decreased. Of course this must be replaced with a new plant. To replace new plants, we need to clean old plants.
Like we do on Sundays. Especially when the weather is so sunny, our family and I go to the fields to clean up plants that are no longer productive. I invite the children to introduce them to life as a farmer. They hope that one day they will be ready to manage agricultural land.

Chili that is no longer productive.

Previously we planted green chilies on this land. We use a land cover technique with plastic mulch as a step so that there are not too many weeds. We cover each bed with mulch and fill the chili plants on both sides. we use bamboo as a support so that when the chili grows taller it can be strengthened with the help of the bamboo.
After the harvest period was over we thought of immediately replacing it with other plants by using the land and bamboo slats that were already installed. But before replacing with other plants, of course we had to uproot the remaining chili trees. Maybe there will be those who feel pity because among the chili plants there are still fruiting as can be seen in the following photo that I took.

However, we have to think further for the effectiveness and other better production.
Although there are still those who produce but not much. More chili plants are old and dead or the leaves are curly so they are not productive.
To uproot the chili tree I have to pass through land that is not covered with mulch. This plant can actually be used as a water channel and road when spraying and harvesting.
With this route, water sufficiency, treatment and harvesting will be easier. Through this route, I also collect chili stalks that have been uprooted.

After the extraction is complete, we can see that this land is clean of chili tree trunks and later we will fill it with new plants.
The chili stems are then collected and we choose the chili we have for cooking. We give some to our neighbors rather than rot and not being used.
So, friends, how about your activities on Sundays? Or any ideas for the types of plants I should grow?
Thus my writing this time may be useful.

Best regard from Indonesia.

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