War the most stupid human activity. You go to do something that probably will kill you. One man commands and millions follow. To die for the country. The best way is to kill the leader of your own army. To fight and shoot other human being is retarded as a money game. Looking to the sky and waiting to die. Spending time and mind on items that you blow away and destroy, after that human cry that their life is difficult. People say that they don't have resources or food, but the earth still here, still providing food and resources. People create movies about war, why? What do you feel and learn by watching those kind movies? Did you learn to care and think or just to kill and be dump as donkey? You need to kill all humans you think their have different nationality and they kill you because they think same. If you alive but killed 100 humans it is good?? How it can be good, just kill yourself before you write a letter how stupid you were. To die in honour for the aliens. Escape is coward's way. Total fallacy - to hide a pointless deaf with a Blane of fear. Make a deaf dance instead. kill yourself with a granade. Last men standing - just kill generol instead of your self and go home.