NFT games are giving a lot to talk about, play2earn is something that many of us were waiting for, since before spending hours on the computer playing role-playing games like LOL for example, because here you can make the most of your skills as a player. I'm not a fan of video games but it's never too late to start to play, and more if you get a reward in exchange for using the game and therefore supporting the project.

A few months ago I decided to take a look at a possible NFT project that was going to be launched later this year, Polychain Monsters.

It must be made clear to not get people confused that in the game there are the $ PMON that is the governance token of the project, and the Polkamon that are collectible animated digitals that are distinguished by their rarities and the scarcity of some others. Each of these is backed by an NFT. You can get that collectibles through the boosters, you pay 1 $ PMON token and you get 3 Polkamon with the chance of obtaining a very rare valuable NFT and maybe that is revalued with time, or even at the moment you get it cause some people just decide to sell it. Something that seems to me an added value for the project is that for each new sponsor with whom the project is associated they give you the chance to get the polkamon designed by such a sponsor on boosters, therefore you have X% to win that polkamon. If you are the lucky one who has won so majestic polkamon congratulations you will be able to participate in incubation pools or even in IDO'S, as it is being done in other NFT projects.

A few weeks ago they announced their first Polymon Islands game, according to the team;

This chain game will allow you to collect ultra-rare digital monsters and produce resources to participate in a prosperous economy through attractive game mechanics.

Days later, their second Polychain monsters game was announced, a 3D multiplayer role-playing game powered by community members that is played in a "Polyvers". This is an interactive game in which you can fight, trade or socialize with the other players "Our mission is that the community become itself the owner of the game and that way value is created on it. "
These is how the game will looks like


In both games the POLKAMON take action, a kind of animals with which you have to win battles and make them level up to continue advancing in the game. Another of the functions of your Polkamon is that it helps you in the work of your lands or even help another owner and return part of their profits.

At the token launch, a capitalization of 25 ethereum or what is 128,571 $ PMON was reached.
However when the price was listed on Uniswap it was trading at 0.40$ , who would have caught it ..

y la distribución del token


When they launched the IDO and due to the small amount of tokens in circulation, with a somewhat fierce market the price immediately shot up to $ 62, what the hell is the people doing? Common If you still did not know anything or even where the developers were going to take it! Anyway, the fomo returned to play its role and with this token it was not different. After the price reached to be exact $ 62.10 (according to data from coingecko) its bloodbath was inevitable since it arrived to touch down at $ 3.34, DAMN !!


The main reason was the desperation not to miss that moment and people entered like crazy. You have to take into account how the price could have these movement so crazy, let's see then what this context summed up;

  • A supply of 10 million tokens
  • A quantity in circulation of only 1.8 million tokens (currently 3.4 million)

I obtained the data through coingecko and the marketcap increased considerably to reach 100 million dollars, but then came the disaster ..., then the capitalization went down to 5 million dollars, we are talking about 95% bleeding.

Fortunately I cannot say that I did not enter the best moment but not the worst of all, not even halfway, I met the project when the price it was trading at about $ 8. At that time I decided to place my bet on this project, so I bought 110 tokens and left them in staking for a month, after this month choosed the one-year period, I know that for some, having an investment for so long is crazy due to the market changes but so I will show you why it made sense.


First of all I want to show you the available staking periods and their benefits.

14 Days: 0%
30 Days: 10%
90 Days: 25%
180 Days: 60%
365 Days: 150%

The moment I left my $ 110 PMON I decided to buy another 100 at the price of $ 3.84 more to have the opportunity to sell them at the time I saw fit and then came the second madness, I saw it so clearly that those other 100 tokens I left for another year. Therefore I stood with 210 $ PMON stake and generating an APY of 150%, my conclusion was simple, I told myself why am I going to do only HODL if the game has not even come out? As long as good news is coming, I will continue to win money, and so it was (something risky for others but he who does not risk does not win, now, always with judgment).


After about 4 months with the first staking and 3 months with the other, not only has my investment revalued but I have obtained 135 $ PMON in just 4 months, shocked, aren't you? Well, there is still more and then you will make sense of these amazing numbers

At the time the token was launched on the ethereum network, people were very obfuscated by the commissions debat, completely logical, and many were they went on to other projects in BSC, but when the token was launched on the BSC network the hype appeared again and people started buying boosters like crazy. I'm going to explain the reason why I feel bullish in this project, something that I had not mentioned is that the token is deflationary therefore more tokens burned more increases its price consequently. This is better appreciated in the next section


When people buy boosters the $ PMON that is invested to obtain those three Polkamons is distributed as follows:

  • 75% of this $ PMON is burned
  • 20% goes to those who do staking
  • The remaining 5% is used to pay transaction fees

So get you luck! Who knows!


Regarding this last point, it must be taken into account that more than 700,000 $ PMON have already been burned today, which represents 7% of the supply.


More things, I took the opportunity to buy some of those animals while the price was low (I remember that I was lucky to buy them while the price was still falling), in at that moment it gave me the feeling of throwing money away, but no. It turned out that after two months they took out the NFT STAKING. A new staking product on the platform and that it's how it works, for those Polkamons that you collect, they play an important role for this staking, therefore and according to their attributes, such as its rarity, color, type of horn, if it is glitter or not, you get a score, which is what determines the degree of participation within the project, and therefore every week you get a payment in $ PMON that is distributed in equal parts both in the ethereum network and in the BSC network (I know, this that they distribute it like this does not have a lot of sense for those of us who are still in the BSC network, but in the end it doesn't even matter haha). These is my participation


Now make sense? There is nothing like being in the right place and at the right time, so for my part, very happy: let's review:

. I bought 110 tokens at the price of $ 8 which represented an investment of $ 880 = as of today those $ PMON have appreciated ~ 100% (the price is currently trading at $ 18 approximately)


· I bought another 100 tokens at $ 3.84 which meant an investment of $ 384, today those $ PMON have appreciated by ~ 470%


Obviously these tokens I cannot unlock but what I can tell you is that currently the earnings I have obtained already translate to more than 65% in question of 4 months. But pay attention to 65% in terms of tokens, if we calculate what these 135 released are worth now, they are equivalent to 2430 so for me part of it not only would have amortized the trip but also would have gotten an extra 100% in benefits.

Therefore, now I continue to obtain an average of $ 10 PMON every 5 days, which represents about 60 tokens per month, at a price of $ 18 we are talking about dividends in value of more than $ 1080 monthly. The funniest thing of all is that while the price is 0.01 I will continue to earn money and with an investment that is more than profitable.

This year has been a continuous box of surprises for me.

These types of cases sometimes scare me, but if I'm honest I feel fucking lucky and happy with my work, everything has its reward in this life.

PS: The launch of the game will happen during Q4 of this year as I have been looking at the publications of the project, at that time I do not know where we will be located in terms of price, I will continue informing you!

Greetings Lions! And as always if you liked my post, give it a like and comment!



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