And that's the main title I decided to write on my profile, and that's why we are here and continue here , we still need people understand what the human eye is not capable to see, but they will, don't doubt about it, there is no other way...

When I decided to enter into these world wasn't by best way , you'll laugh, I was throwing my money by a huge scam. As always firstly we try learning by our way and sometimes, even I think 70%-80% people fall on these kind of scam/ponzi projects because our scarcity knowledge , and then you understand that these is not the real technology behind these world.

I try to mention less the word "crypto" for the lack of conception about that , cause people takes worst meaning about it, volatility, quick money, definitely seems like the word "crypto" isn't the best name to make people understand what's behind blockchain technology, maybe we just need name it like it is, or is as I only think.

Personally I will not say me was different, I mean obviously anybody hopes to get a benefit on its investment like in traditional stocks but , blockchain technology arrived to stay forever and most important, to change the entire traditional money system and build a decentralized one, anyway we are just sitting in a new and revolutionary that takes 10 year economy that is becoming everyday bigger and bigger, you will notice that fact, or maybe you did actually ;)

But let's make a thought together, if we want a better world, without third parties, paying off for what really we need to pay, what's the fact to keep all time speculating with price? (these people will probably enter and exit with huge losses as always), I have many friends just looking at their phones all fuc..ng time wondering about if its assets are dumping or pumping, I like to show it on a meme, so funny ^^


Do you know what? I'm doing the same thing but there is a huge different, I'm accumulating and trying sometimes to buy a better price , why not?). Once I've started I just patiently waiting until my money get more useful by using crypto, I mean smart money of course, and not what our parents, school and media always tried to teach us, obviously for example our parents didn't have that information that we have today.

I'm here in front of my computer just waiting the moment when people will regret about not being entering in these revolutionary financial system that it's already moving the masses

Sometimes I need to make a reflexion about what's changing absolutely my world, my life and all what I have around,so I really feel grateful, these post for me it's like a HUGE THANKS for those first person, group of people or who knows, maybe just some illuminati one who was able to create what we was waiting for, "INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM", but there was a person too who I learnt a lot and I want to be grateful because he opened my eyes from the beginning and so I really appreciate it, so thanks @empoderat

PD:Yeah I know, I didn't mention about the last part of my title MOONING MINDSET, seems like these two words cheating what I said before but mooning mindset is not more than real place we are going to, even if we like or even not, doesn't matter we will be there soon as we expect ;)
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