My caffeine-based drink for energy


Hello community very good morning from Portugal.
Today I had a bit of time despite having been working all night and I wanted to share with you a natural caffeine drink that often gives me the strength to continue for a few more hours with energy and to do my activity.
This drink today when I left work and I was exhausted and had to go shopping and it's been a long time since I bought it but when I passed through the aisle of these drinks my gaze turned to see and I had to buy it.
This drink is very energetic, based on caffeine and gives us extra energy.
It is not necessary to go to the fridge, just be in a cool place to be consumed.
Do you like it too? I loved it.


Hola comunidad muy buenos días desde Portugal.
Hoy tuve un poco de tiempo a pesar de haber estado trabajando toda la noche y quería compartir con ustedes una bebida con cafeína natural que muchas veces me da fuerzas para seguir unas horas más con energía y para hacer mi actividad.
Esta bebida hoy cuando salí del trabajo y estaba agotada y tuve que ir de compras y hace mucho tiempo que no la compré pero cuando pasé por el pasillo de estas bebidas mi mirada se volvió para ver y tuve que comprarla.
Esta bebida es muy energética, a base de cafeína y nos aporta un extra de energía.
No es necesario ir a la nevera, solo estar en un lugar fresco para consumir.
¿Tambien te gusta? Yo adoré.







And as this morning my job was to cut the grass in my garden, I felt the energy of having rested well despite having worked all night, I recommend a drink like this from time to time to help us in our daily lives.

A big hug from the community and see you in the next post.


Y como esta mañana mi trabajo era cortar el césped de mi jardín, sentí la energía de haber descansado bien a pesar de haber trabajado toda la noche, recomiendo una bebida como esta de vez en cuando para ayudarnos en nuestro día a día.

Un gran abrazo de la comunidad y nos vemos en el próximo post.


Hello @ricestrela, I tend to stay away from energy drinks, but sometimes you have to listen to the body and do what's needed. My husband bought me an energy drink recently, because he probably observed that I was low on energy. I'm well rested now, and firing on all cylinders, so I probably won't need the energy drink after all.
Your gif depicts a VERY passionate Monster lover;)
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day ☕️


I also only drink these energy drinks from time to time but sometimes I really need to. Thanks for liking my post.