Often we do not thank God for the "simple things" such as having life or for everything he provides us day by day since many times we consider, that life is not a miracle or so important to appreciate it as the most precious treasure that we have and that we can obtain without giving we do not give it the importance or value that opportunities really have or those "easy things" that we believe are not very interesting or example, when we have a good coffee with our loved ones or when we have the privilege of sharing a good meal with our partner and children parents, siblings or relatives, because we simply consider it as simple and common things

However, my reflection on this is that we simply have not learned to value or distinguish the valuable things that life gives us and consequently what life really means.

Life gives us the privilege of sharing with our beloved friends and we consider it "simple" but having this opportunity is not simple at all, it is the pleasure of sharing a good ice cream with your loved ones and the joy of feeling alive

Do you know what life is?
Life simply as many say is to be, is to exist, is a miracle, is a present, is a precious opportunity...

"In this sense, life is important because it allows us to grow, develop bonds with other living beings, learn, get to know the world and endless activities that go beyond mere biological functions."


I have learned that everything that God allows me to live are not "simple things" because I have worked, I have a beautiful family, I have had the privilege of having one of the best professions and that is being a teacher among other wonderful things that God has allowed me but I have learned that what most people call simple for me are the most beautiful the most important because they are unrepeatable and it is to enjoy next to my loved ones because when I share with them I hug them or give them a kiss I feel like the luckiest person


Do you know the satisfaction you feel when you can be there next to that person who needs you at the right time, do you know how beautiful it is to accompany someone you love when they are going through difficult times or when they are happy for some success? Do you know how beautiful and pleasant it is to be able to be at the birthday of your loved ones and to be able to hug them and share with them?

What can you feel when you can have a coffee with your partner, parents, children or grandchildren and share a good word or an anecdote from your past?

My friend, this means appreciating life and feeling alive, things that many believe are simple, but the truth is that today it has become so difficult to practice and instead of being considered "simple" they have gotten out of hand and even though they seem so common and easy to practice are not so simple because many have lost the meaning of living and have given more value to things that do not build our bond of family and social love

Currently, how many people have found it so difficult to share with their family and apply those simple things that have been lost and that have become so complicated!

You learn to appreciate those things in life that many call "simple" but that today have become so complicated to practice and that are essential to feel alive and appreciate life