Psalm 23 like most of them is a poem or a song that is born in the heart of the psalmist David; all his writings are literary pieces that emanate from a heart full of trust, love and gratitude towards his creator and the interpretation of this psalm has a beautiful exposition of who God really is in the life of this young man

The psalm says as follows:

psalm 23
Jehovah is my shepherd; I will lack nothing.
2 In places of green pastures he will make me rest;
By still waters he will shepherd me.
3 he will comfort my soul;
He will guide me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4 Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, because you will be with me;
Your rod and your staff will give me breath...


In this order of ideas, the psalmist reflects the absolute confidence in God, recognizing that God is his shepherd and therefore he will lack nothing because God supplies all needs and is the best shepherd, director or guide that people can have. With this the psalmist does not mean that he does not find problems or difficulties in the lives of people who have God in their hearts and believe him, rather he assures that God in the midst of any situation will give him rest and comfort his anxious stressed tired soul or discouraged because when he assures that he will make him rest next to still waters, it is because he will do it in the midst of adversity

In the same way he expresses that God as the good shepherd is willing to fill an important human need in the heart of man when he is willing to let himself be guided because he affirms that his creator guides him through paths of justice for the love of the name of the.

The beauty of this psalm expresses an encouraging motivation in our daily life because it describes the importance of trusting in the living God; shows us confidence and firmness in all areas of our lives

With this statement David is expressing that God is the only one who can guide man on the right path along paths of justice and light and even though he is going through the most difficult moments of his life he will be confident because God will give him strength and encouragement when he does not have none

Fear is an ally in the life of the person but God gives us strength and encouragement when we are going through moments of the shadow of death, he is willing to help us and guide us when we really trust him with all our hearts

This psalm is a relaxant for the anxious life of those who fear and go through difficult times because believing that God is by our side when we go through adversity is really a privilege


This part of the Bible is very common among people and they recite it daily before going out, or sleep. Most recite it during hardship and it work out good for them