The Next Step


Take a Look around and watch the scenario of people’s lives for a while. Take your time, have you noticed anything which Impressed you or do you got surprised by any of the stuff. Oh! wait a bit, I'm gonna say what's going on my mind. A question which is very much fond of mine and the question is very much related to our future planning or overall about our plannings. The question is "what's your planning for the upcoming future?"

Mostly this question has been asked by our seniors who care about our future most. Sometimes ours close-friends ask the question too and they ask the question not only thinking about our future but they love to relate their planning with each other in simple words, by comparing their plannings they wanna know in which stage they're standing at the moment. Personally, I don't feel it's a wrong way to know yourself and by getting the answer from your opposite side it will definitely help you make your future planning rightly.


In your all around, you can find a type of people when someone asks the question to him, literally he has been like a dumb for a while at the moment and in reply, he can't put a meaningful answer. By watching this scenario you feel about life how unaware of they are! Would it be a life having no plans? I don't feel so. You might argue with the point that I have shown here and say you're successful in your life without having plans. Oh, then I wanna say simply that's good! No comments on that but all great things which have been done yet all were being done by proper plannings. No doubt on that.

When you plan for anything, you have two probabilities get those are success or failure within these two you will get only one result. Sometimes you plan properly to do a task and afford too much on that task to get success but inconsequence you being the failure. That really hurts, on the contrary, something having no plans and having not too much afford you can find the success of life. Overall luck works both ways and I believe that.

And just for luck, you can't stop working hard, you can't stop dreaming and you can't stop to make plans in your life. That's all we need, luck is not in our hands we have to think about which is in our hands and by putting the best afford that we can to change the luck to write our pages of luck anew.

Let me share a story with you, I know a guy who participated in the University admission test last year, he had a dream to get admitted himself in Dhaka University(The oldest University of Bangladesh). He worked very hard, studied all night and put his best afford to get admitted. But in the exam hall, he was ill and that's why he could put his best in the exam hall. When the result had been published, unlucky he wasn't selected. For this reason, he was being very depressed, although was begin selected in others Universities. He was too depressed that he couldn’t put the subject choose wisely and that's why he got a very downgraded subject that he didn’t like.

But the damage has been already done, he can't change anything right now. With a gloomy mind, no one can make a smart decision. One thing which once gone that means gone that you have to believe in. If he could believe in that and focus on the next step and put the best afford that he had done before he could easily put the right subject to choose.