Rain Drops


The sky is often overcast but he doesn't want to get wet in that rain like before. What did actually happen to him? a boy who did not resist himself to get wet in rain after expending his childhood he had not felt anything like that. From childhood to adolescence many changes were observed in him. Some old desires had died and some new desires had joined his life, he imagined about the huge change in his life when he had no function to accomplish.

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When he went to his bed after completing all of the tasks, that image came to his mind. In one word that image one kind of forced him to think about it. Yes, he enjoyed to go to that period of his life through his imagination. As the night went too deep that thought enormously knocked at the door of his mind. He was a nightmare too that's why he could not stop himself to think about that kind of stuff.

One day he went on a vacation and he decided that he will recall the memory of his childhood by performing the act he had done at period. To know that does he feel the same feeling by doing the tasks what he did in his childhood? Does his soul get the same happiness as he felt those days? Yes, he had planned numerous times to make it possible but at different times different situations appeared which stopped himself to do that.

But this time he had no intention to do it in his brain, in fact, nature generated the opportunity to make it possible. A day he delivered full freedom to the soul, It was the time when he was resting on the bed after taking his lunch which he often did. Suddenly he heard a call from a sound box that there is going to be a football match between senior and young boys. At the time he felt crazy inside. He did not even know last when he went to any field to play or last when he had felt like that.

When he was a child he had this kind of feeling and excitement, this time he said to himself, " Do not let the desire die, don't let the excitement down. " Thus he woke up from the bad. By preparing himself he went to the field to play. Looking at him everybody over there was shocked, just because he presented on the field to play. This scene was too rare those days, somehow he played and he felt himself like a young kid, he lost all of his anxiety while playing and a miracle thing happened also he scored a goal for his team.

The crowd over there went too much excited watching him to make a goal and that crazy crowd pushed him to play better. Suddenly the sky was covered by clouds and rain started dropping within a short period of time. The match was near to being finished. This time he did not go under a roof to cover himself, he let himself get wet in the rain even though he didn't remember last when he wet like that.

The drops of the rain when touched his body every bit of drop pulled him back to his childhood day. It was a great feeling, he was wetting in the rain until it did not completely stop. He realised there everyone has a kid inside his heart and as we grow up it gradually started to fade which should not be. In fact, the kid inside of our souls lets us feel the true thrill of life.