Instant Reaction!


It seems that at different times in our life, we face different types of situations and while facing a situation we never react the same always. Our reactions very much depend on the situations that we face. Like when something fascinating thing happens to you, your reaction will bring something a positive vibe and feel cheerful on the other hand when you encounter a horrible experience in your life that will bring a negative vibe for you and your reaction definitely will be a negative one.


In front of any situation in our life, we love to react immediately, no matter what the situation is It might be a good or bad situation but we love to react immediately, as human beings. In fact, the Instant reaction we got by born and it tells how normal one human being is. Like when a Mosquito bite on our any specific body part, our brain naturally reacts and then the hand that we have follows the instructions immediately and slaps on the accurate spot of the body, that's the instant reaction of our body. To be healthy, the instant reaction of the body should be active otherwise we might not be considered as a normal human beings.

Let me come to the specific point that I want to say right now, one question I would like to ask you right now is, "do you really think that Instant reaction is always needed to walk on the path of life?" I have Ambivalent thoughts on the question. From my point of view, I feel like before going to react to one's speech you much think once about the speech. You may ask yourself that the reaction that is coming from yourself, will it be any negative impact on the environment? If the answer is yes, then I will say don't go for the instant reaction because that makes the situation messy. But If your reaction does something positive then I will say you should definitely go for it.

It's the month of Ramadan, the month of blessings. During this month people fasting not just for food, they fasting from each and every visible and invisible negative thing that are surrounded by them. At the month of Ramadan, there feels a such a peaceful environment all around, people try to come forward to help each other, hardly see anyone quarrelling with others and that's why I love the month most. A couple of days back, at the time of Tarawih Salat, two people got engaged in bandying of words on a very tiny issue. The issue was a Worshiper stood for praying having a gap in front of him, noticing the thing one man asked him, "why have you done this?" The men reacted in such a poor way.

Afterwards, a messy environment had been created by them there. I felt awkward there and asked myself a question "why people can't accept his bad? Is it really bad accepting our bad things?" However, I don't think so. Once a reaction makes a messy environment, you should keep silent or make no reaction and If you feel anything bad has been happened by you then you can gently accept the bad.