Hidden Fear


There are hardly any people who can straightly say that he doesn't have any fear or never had faced any fear in any period of his lifetime. There are various things by which we feel afraid of things like fear of darkness, fear of unknowns, fear of ghosts and so on and in the end, we are acquainted with the word which is called fear. Having fears in life is quite a simple thing but as we grow up I believe we should overcome our fears to go forward in our life.


Imagine a boy specifically a newborn baby who didn't see his parents after he had been born and grew up in his own way, his own rules he didn't meet with the word fear. As he had no relatives and no grandma so he never heard ghost stories from them. Generally, a boy who lives with his own family as when the kid messes up to eat home food, his mom being annoying with that and she starts to afraid the kid by telling "ghost will come and finish the meal if you do not finish it now." It's a very well known scene in most of society as I guess and it's the worst way to feed any kids.

Whereas a guardian they can take an attempt to tell a story while feeding their kids. From my life experience, I can say it, I have a younger brother, he is very young now, age 3 years. When comes the eating time, he starts creating useless excuses not to eat or he will eat if I provide him my phone. I feel it will be very bad practice to provide the phone every time while eating. One day I was thinking about the matter, can I make a unique way to feed him the home food. One idea had arrived in my mind, the idea was " telling a story in an interesting way during his eating time and not provide the phone."

I was thinking about what should be a perfect animal for creating a story character, I was asking myself what the animal he liked most. Then I found the answer was he loves cats. Then during the eating time comes I transfer my brother lifestyle into the cat and make a story and tell that in an interesting way and he enjoys it too. Haha, so much fun, right? I believe this is the perfect thing to entertain him and at the same time not to show the fear of ghosts that most parents do while eating their kids.

Let me tell you an incident, its been a while I went to a relatives home where a boy was reading in class seven and the night I had to be with him. At the time of sleeping, I got shocked the reason was, he was throwing his shoes around the bed and turning on the room light and then went to the bed for sleeping. I asked him, "what are you doing? Why are you keeping the light on?" He replied, "I have fear of darkness, If I turn off the light then ghosts will come."

I said him, again and again, to turn off the light but he didn't. I saw a great fear in his eyes. Do you know why it happened and why he did so? The next day, I heard from his parents that his mom is the reason for his fears, at his childhood period she intimidated him to complete any task that he didn't want to do. Afterwards, the hidden fear built into him.