As we grow up, I hardly notice someone grow up holding his childish habit and It seems that at the time of growing up you have to go through a learning process and does that learning process tell you to set your childish habit to act to be like mature? Not actually, Our elders tell us to fix our childish habits to look more mature. They tell, "If you do the same that you did in your childhood, you will not look like an immature guy."


I heard it several numbers of times. At the time of Growing up, we can't act like what we had done in our past. Oh, childhood what a period of life it is! Kids have full freedom to do anything, freedom in their actions. Although parents try to correct their actions, kids don't care about that too much. They love to make mistakes and love to listen to what their Inner souls tell them to do.

Sometimes watching the rain outside they feel echo inside to get wet in the rain although they know very well that their parents will rebuke them for that. Sometimes their soul feels to play football with their friends at the time of raining, without having any worries in their mind they go to enjoy the moment.

To live a meaningful and worthy life don't you feel that we should culture some qualities of childish habits on our own? I deeply believe that some childish habits push us to enjoy the journey of our life properly.

As a boy, a lesson has been learnt from childhood boys should be strong and I have no argument with that matter but I have an argument on a speech " boys should be too strong that tears can't drop from their eyes.

" Even, In childhood when a boy cries about being hurt his parents tell him to not cry because boys don't cry. Here, I have a question Are boys not human?. If they are then I will say one thing they have a right to express their feelings. If they preserve their feelings on their own then I feel their sweet innocent hearts will fulfil with hurt and they can't lead a lively life.

I have a guy who most of the time listens to the inner echo from my inside and I love to do what the inner soul tells me. Let me tell you about an Incident of mine, The time was approximately 5 years back from the present time. That time when I was a secondary student our form fill-up was going on, I went to the school to fill-up the form for the exam at the very last date and at the very last time.

The form fill-up time would be closed at 2.00 P.M and I presented before half an hour I mean I presented there at 1.30 P.M. I went to the office room with a bit of fear inside because there were no students there to fill-up the form. I was very fond of my class teacher, after noticing my presence at the very last period, the class teacher said with a bit of enraged, " The time is finished, you can't fill-up the form now. " I politely replied, " Sir, still 30 minutes left."

Giving attention to my speech another teacher of mine was being surprised seating next to the class teacher said, " Oh, my brave student! " Still when I get back the memory, I feel pleased inside and this is the habit that I have been cultivating on my own. I wish the childish habit would restrain me forever.