A Childish Habit


When we were born as a minor creature on this mysterious planet, we look after our elder's gestures and posture to learn about how to adapt to unknown things and ultimately we learn a new thing from the beginning of our life journey that is following others. If you take a look at different countries people lifestyles you will see every country people has a different culture and a unique way of talking or meeting styles and it's a very common thing to us. But have you ever thought about why does it happen like that? Why does every county have a different culture and why does it Inalterable for years after years after years?


These questions arise in my mind many times and to me, the answers to these questions in one word will be the consuetude of following. As every cultural people have one common thing that is following their elder's path and that's why the existence of a different culture of different places hold out years after years. Following and learning this thing is not just limited in the human but also this habit has in every creature in the world. It's a very simple thing, we follow others because we like to learn new things. But have you ever seen anyone who follows others paths without thinking anything in simple words you can say blindly follow or depending on someone so deeply?

As human beings, we have the best brain among all creatures. Despite having the best brain there are some people who are too lazy to use their brain properly or to think deeply to find out the right or appropriate decision in their life and they are comfortable following others paths blindly. I believe every human should have his own plans for his life, if he fails with his plans he will at least learn something new from the incident but if you follow various people's paths at a time can you ever imagine how messy your life journey will be?

Let me tell you an incident, I have a friend who has a decision making problem, most of the time he notices what other friends are doing rather than thinking about his strength zone and for this reason he faces various problems in his life, he never stuck into one thing when he sees others friends are doing a thing without thinking properly he jumps into it. In university admission times, he saw his many friends choose different styles for the admission, so he took preparation in engineering, medical and university sectors rather than thinking about in which sector he was good at or he could cover easily. Ultimately, nothing good thing had happened to him and he got depressed.

A childish habit which is following others to learn is good but as we grow up we should use our intellectual brain by thinking before taking any decision especially which are related with our life deeply otherwise we will fall in a big danger for sure. As we grow up physically our mantel growth is also very crucial in the same row to make a proper decision in our life. Like you can observe others life there has no issue but if you start following others without thinking then there has an issue.