My entry for shadow hunters smash contest round no 324


Hello to my shadow hunters community friends. Dear today I took a chance go to a public place. Here I parked my bike. When I was parking my bike I clicked this view of shadow. Above many plastic sheets have been standing up. These plastic sheets have beautiful shadows under the earth. These shadows are making unending line. Huge shadows made on the earth. Approximately these plastic sheets are spread over one acre land. So people park their vehicles under it. Their main perpose is protect any things which standing under it.

I entered the gate and first I finished my task. Then I searched shadow pictures. By Lucky I came here. Look, this is beautiful room which adorned with marble tyles. Room is connected with marble pillars. Inside pillars few pots were kept on the floor. I liked this room. At the end I captured it's shadow picture. Shadow pictures are very fabulous.

After taken above shadow picture , I walked here and there. As soon as, I reached here. Suddenly saw this shadow photo. This was at the side of room. I taken this shadow view. This shadow photo is very funny and amazing. I don't describe that this was what shadow. But this shadow is shocked.

We tired and now I decided to leave this public place. I and my friend crossed the gate. When we were passing near again this parking place. I took shadow with everything which were present here. Now there were many cars and motorcycles parking under plastic sheets. All things have shadows. Some shadows are seeing and some shadows are hidden under another shadows.