ecoTrain Question Of The Week #7.8: What Aren't People Talking Enough About?


This is indeed a great question, this week entry highly open my vocabulary as they are many of which I have to contribute, @ecotrain thanks for this privilege.

Thinking of the things that happened, and which people do not talked more about, Is pandemic! pandemic was like a canker worm eating our blood, porking our nose and coming out to destroy humanity, and making life difficult for us.
To breathe was now a thing we have to buy, we were living in fear and life was made costly, some lost their love ones, people do not trust one another and so on, terrible keep keep eluding.

Talking of life during Corona period, is at times disheartening, because remembering the happening brought tears to my eyes, the unexpected things Happens during this time, I have never for once had such encounter, such that nearly took all the humans life on earth.


We were place on a certain rules, living life out of rules and conduct, which we have no option, we were being Instructed without a reason, all in the name of coronavirus, during this period, hunger was the answer of each day.

Businesses crumble, litter and die, even up till now, some firms are still finding it difficult to restructure their self back to how they used to be, the corona virus, out break posses a severe negative effect on the life of people, firms and all spheres of life.

The high price of goods and services we are facing now is as a result of the corona virus outbreak, those days we stayed at homes without doing nothing, not contributing and helping the economic, it simple means that we where owing ourselves a dept to pay, now, we are out of the hole, and we are battling with that depts and looking for ways to pay it, which now result in higher prices of goods and services, as the are fewer consumable goods but a greater number of want.