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Good morning/evening my friends..

It has been quite an amazing journey for us all. With ups and down, with happiness and sorrow from time to time, it was worth sticking with the Blockchain technology. As we are seeing the changes happening to the mentality of people, the effect of it is coming towards these sorts of places, where your time has value and your activities can give you some rewards in return.


HIVE BLOCKCHAIN is one of the best places which can offer a person what he/she actually seeks. Nothing complicated but just when you look back at the time that you have wasted in some so-called social media and as of now when you see the result of those, the calculation gets messed up indeed. But still, it is your time, you have all the rights to use it in your own way :)

Too Good to be TRUE facts!

  • You can get value for your time?

I can not imagine anything that can be obtained nowadays for free. It is one of the hardest truths that we should agree upon! While when you think a bit deeper, the truth a lot of usual activities that you are doing online will make some sense to you. How do you think Youtubers are making money? How do you think FB is making money? They are taking your time as an asset and using that to earn money off of you. How? you ask. Just a small saying, one of the ways is by showing add traffic to you and you are gladly watching them, and every time you do, they are ripping some money from your time. As they get paid from companies to deliver their ads to us. This is just one of the ways of how you are wasting your time and helping them make millions if not billions as well.

You can use this time for the sake of yours and make them useful for yourself. There are plenty of useful sites where you can make use of your time and get something in return knowledge/money/make friends and so on. Use your time in the right way, guys and gals!!

  • Generic user can get benefitted as well

This is something which I get to see often. When you are introducing a platform to someone, one of the most common answers that I get, I ain't an expert on this and that, will it work for me? To sum up, what I believe is we all have something up in our sleeve find that talent and make use of it. Until then keep on pushing yourself to make sth out of yourself.


  • Adoption

This is the BIG question, which really needs to happen, or else we are going to be where we are for the upcoming years as well. The mentality of our works in here in a massive way. If you do not change your thoughts, it would be very difficult for you to overcome the hassle that you will face in your upcoming days.

For example:

A few days ago (probably a week back), I was having a chat with a friend of mine who is currently residing in the UK, somehow our words started crossing about the field of earning via Online/freelancing. I was surprised to see how he really reacted, he literally looked down towards that sector and it was difficult to make him understand the true potential of it but my other friends (in the video conference) somehow got some insights about it. This really determines how people really are afraid to see the changes and if they do not understand they will try to refrain any sorts of changes. So it is impossible to change someone who is not willing to change thyself. Well, as I said above, it is your time, you can always decide what to do with it!

  • Facts about Earnings

Now earning is one of the most crucial parts that really need to be kept in mind. But what I see is if you think a little bit differently, then the view of yours shall change you in a very good way. How about this? I will improve myself from where I am and I shall make myself worthy of the place where I want to go! It shall clear many of your doubts.

If I say to someone, I am getting sth (financially from HIVE) some people would laugh at me, some will believe me and some will just ignore. I don't think that affects me at all. Come to me, I will explain with open arms, laugh at me, I really have nothing to say but smile back at you and just say, let's meet soon and if you want to ignore, don't think I am sitting with no task at hand.

HIVE Blockchain has plenty of options and opportunities for yourself, if you know how to make proper use of it, you might get something out of here like many people already have. Or you can sit back and see others ride to the top and you just clap for them, it works either way though! Choice is yours! Once I improve myself, it shall be easier for me to forge my road to the success that I seek. It is not a process that can be done in a day. It takes time and patience as well.

Do something which makes you, worthy of reaching to the destination of yours!!

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The problem is that we didn't get here overnight... and people think that they can plugin to Hive and earn a bunch of money the same day... And that's the reason that others think that "It's too good to be true..." They forget that they have to invest some time into it...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this!

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Exactly, nothing gets done overnight. Some people do not really get that. A lot of things really matter and it really needs to be kept in mind, that a long term goal can make the situation a lot easier than anybody can expect. At the end of the day, we get sth if we give sth, in this case, one's effort, time and the path of right direction could be enough to get sth in return.

Have a nice day buddy!!


I also wasted a lot of time on Facebook. But the result is zero.

On the other hand, I spent a little bit of a month in the BD community. There has been earning some money.