Obstacles in Crypto...


There are plenty of reasons for not getting involved in crypto! Likewise, there are valid points to deep dive into crypto! All that it matters, is how you see this whole space of crypto! Almost 70-80% of the people have close to no idea about crypto but they just assume via getting news from different sources. Let me share my POV and what are the difficulties I have faced over the time and still facing them as we speak.

  • Starting Point

When I was just starting my crypto journey, I had no idea where I am going, nor I had any idea where to start from. Which led me to hunt different websites and faucets where there was tasks, which had to be completed and there was a small portion of reward for those completed tasks. That was really tiresome tbh. But the satisfaction at that point was "I have started somewhere"!

I didn't hesitate, I went for it!


My own theory is, there will be plenty of options at your hands. People will say, this is not right, you can not do it but from what I have seen is, this crypto space is very different from traditional ways of learning, earning and gaining knowledge. It really intrigued me and I got some sort of attraction towards it. Which is why I pursued it and now I can say, I am better than my previous version"!

  • Not enough knowledge

When I came from the usual aspect of money format, regulations, centralization, Crypto felt like an ocean of independence to me. Honestly, it was like a dream come true and most of all, it was really difficult to digest everything all at once. My very first reaction was similar to captain Jack Sparrow, I Have found the fountain of youth, just in my case, it was the fountain of independence. At the very beginning, it was just about CENTS. I was like, I am getting something from crypto. Eventually Doing my own research and getting some tips and tricks did some speed up in the contribution of my work. I did not really rely on a sole information that I received from a certain place. I went to dig out more and more. Eventually was able to find more field to play with. Thus one after another project riled up and slowly everything became clear.


Nowadays, its really clear and quite easy to find what you seek. Just be active at some of these places and you will find what you desire ;)

  • Youtube
  • Google
  • Reddit
  • Twitter

  • Let's just Say

I am in! The next big question arises or you may as well refer it to as the "Cash in & out" problem! Since many of us live in a crypto ban country, it is difficult to operate when it comes to cashing out or put in real money in to crypto. There are several issues which needs to be faced since there is no actual way to get your money in the right time. Unless you have some good connections in buy and sell part. So once this issue is solved, there would be quite a lot of visilibity and also many investors to dive into crypto. As most of the time, I hear about this specific scenario, "How will I cash out my money?" So there's that.

  • Fraud

This is the part where you loose money. May that it be while cashing out or may that it be spending money in coins which you have no idea about or its your mistake you clicked into malicious links and you do not have access to your anymore aka hacked. This does happens a lot in crypto journey. Many has lost millions, so better be safe than sorry.

I am not saying, crypto is safe! Neither am I saying you can get rich quick but crypto does opens a lot of doors for us. Those who have the audacity to open those doors, they might get a glimpse of adventure. Profit, loss, education, friends and what not. All action in one place. And it is definitely wise not to play with everything that you have(moneeeeee). As crypto is a risky place indeed!

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So relatable.
Starting is the key and continuous digging to explore more is the stairs towards the upside.

I am better than my previous version"!

This is the thing that keeps me satisfied.
Where money is involved, satisfaction plays a vital role to keep us on track.


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