Filecoin Grant Hackathon Online begins! Register for The $ 50,000 prize!


Filecoin Grant Online Hackathon was officially launched at, the DoraHacks development platform.



The Filecoin-sponsored hackathon, with a total prize pool of up to $ 50,000, is intended to accompany projects in the early stages of the Filecoin ecosystem and encourage developers to contribute ideas.

A total of $ 25,000 will be allocated based on the results of the community vote, and the remaining $ 25,000 will be distributed based on the jury vote. Developers around the world are welcome to submit blockchain projects based on Filecoin!

In addition to the above awards, Filecoin's technical team designed a series of workshops to explain how to start developing Filecoin, and the head of the Filecoin ecosystem will explain what benefits are available to all participants. Filecoin Developer Club ecosystem family.

Here is what you will get from the Filecoin grant

🏆 Grand Prize: The total community prize is $ 25,000 + the total $ 25,000 jury prize; A total of $ 50,000!
👨‍⚖️ Judges: Judges will look at the entire process, look for potential projects, and vote for the $ 25,000 prize pool.
✔️ Filecoin support: Excellent projects will have the opportunity to interact directly with and receive support from the Filecoin technology team.
👍 Techn Mentoring Workshop: Filecoin Technical Advisors will explain how to get started with the Filecoin ecosystem through a series of workshops.
👉 Community Development Group / Project: Each participating project will have the opportunity to participate directly in Demo Day to present your projects and promote them to a wide range of people.
💰 Possible investment opportunities: Teams have the opportunity to participate in Live Project Launch Day, to attract more investors to consider your project!

What types of projects can be registered?

Who can apply?

The development team is already in the Filecoin ecosystem.
Teams have joined Filecoin Hackathons before and continue to iterate their projects.
Developers want to know about blockchain technologies related to Filecoin.

How to register?

Log in to and click on Grant - Filecoin Grant for registration (new users please register first).
Join a group chat through the Filecoin Grant group chat to get the latest information about the event. Developers without a project can also team up into a team and turn ideas into projects together! Link:
To prevent fake projects from joining the prize pool, please contact hackerlink (Telegram: @hackerlinkofficial) to verify your project.
During the Hackathon, they will run many rounds of project promotion, so the sooner the project is submitted, the more attention will be paid. This will definitely increase visibility and attract more votes and sponsorship opportunities.
At the end of the funding round, before the results are published, there will be a "24-hour grace period" to stop a Sybil attack. During the "grace period", each project will have to contact HackerLink to confirm the authenticity of the project, and after the "grace period", the project will be able to receive donations and community awards.

Prizes and allocation

Each vote directly affects the distribution of the prize. The grant consists of three parts:

Community voting: community users select the projects they are interested in and consider the potential to vote, and the USDC spent on voting will be allocated directly to the project team voted after the event.
The initial prize is $ 25,000: The total initial prizes will be awarded to each project depending on the popularity of the project.
$ 25,000 chosen by the jury: Prizes voted by the jury will be distributed to each project based on the jury vote.
In other words, the final reward the project receives = community contribution + initial total jury share + total jury share

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This is a great way of introducing the ecosystem to the community and making more people aware of it.
I heard about filecoin a few months ago and also have some coins.
Best of luck to anyone wo is participating in the hackathon.


Thanks for reading.
Did you bought the coins or have them through an airdrop?
I found out about them about 1 month ago and wanted to hop in! But I didn't yet.

Thank you for coming by, Harpreet!


I got some using Coinbase Learning program.
It's is not available now.
They had a program where if you complete some learning by watching some videos and answering some questions.

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Ah, yes!
I have seen it last year, in November or December, I think.