Art and Creativity: Overcoming Creative Slumps is NOT Easy!


As the old saying goes: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

I intended to resume art blogging on a regular basis, and I intended to find more time to work on creative projects... but then life happened.

And, before you know it, several weeks pass by!

Processed and manipulated original photograph

I have been in a creative slump for several months, in substantial part due to exhaustion. As of late, just the business of "keeping up with life" has felt like a rather overwhelming task.

Looking back, dealing with a sense of feeling overwhelmed has been a rather common theme in my life. Much in the long and fine tradition, the reality of being a "starving" artist has always felt very real to me.

So has the reality of being a starving non-artist, on account of the large part of my life I have spent not even being able to make ends meet as a result of "regular" work I have been engaged in. Which leaves me too worn out to want to do anything much more than lie down and sleep.

Autumn in black-and-white

How To Move Past This...

Talking to a fellow creative about how to end creative slumps, we ended up at "change the circumstances."

What are the circumstances?

In essence, having too much on your plate.

Which leaves me with a "miniature version" of the old stereotype of someone who's quite talented and creative, but really can't do much with that till they retire, because there simply isn't time.

Applying that here, focusing on my work work only for maybe six months or so, and not even pretending to have time for anything creative.


My friend suggested still putting some time into writing about art, since I might earn a small reward from it, and it's nice to think I can occasionally add a couple of dollars to my Hive holdings.

After all, this is a sort of savings plan... and it was also going to serve as "backup funding," back when we had the brick-and-mortar gallery.

Maybe a "Big Plan" isn't necessary, at all. Maybe life just has to be permitted to follow its natural flow, which will include a good number of downtimes.

I'm OK with that. At least for now. Just removing the stress of actual goals, at least for a while.

That's all I've got, for now...

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