Art and Creativity: After Autumn Comes Decay — Variations on a Theme


One of the ways I have always enjoyed playing around with creativity is to make up variations on a theme, and especially when it comes to something pretty ordinary and everyday that might otherwise be overlooked.


Consider the starkness of these dying and drying flowers from summer, now stiff and gray and lifeless as the cold days set in. Here they are, organic skeletons caught in the late afternoon sun.

But wait!

A few adjustments, and we can "dial back time" to where we might still think that it's fall:


But we could also go the opposite way, and take our dried husks clear into winter:


Keep in mind, this is the exact same image run through two very different sets of filters.

The possibilities are a great many. Maybe we could even consider spring!


Photo manipulation tools make so many things possible... and, in a sense, is an entirely new form of creativity!

Last, but certainly not least, I'll include a copy of the original color photo, taken in our garden not so long ago:


One of the reasons I often take photographs of "seemingly random" objects is that I see beyond just what's in front of me... I see the possibilities of how something can be "turned into something else," in a sort of artistic experiment.

Then again, it could be that I just have a Sunday evening with too much time on my hands!

Thanks for stopping by!

All images are our own, unless otherwise attributed