My first reward at the end of the season || The game of splinterlands


How are you all? I wish you all good health and well being. You will pray for me to be healthy and well.

After the session ended, I completed the daily quest with Death Element. You all know, if you have read my previous posts. I say in every post, Fire and Life is my favorite element. With these two elements i can easily complete the daily quest. But it takes me a long time to complete the quest with other elements, which is annoying to me.

It took a lot of time to complete the quest with Death Element. I had to play at least 20 battles to complete five quests. I was so frustrated that I couldn't make a video. If I were to record the game, it would take me a minimum of one and a half to two hours. And from this one and a half to two hours of video editing will take a lot of time. As a result, I can't post with video. As you all know, each of my gaming posts is given in the form of video. I am sincerely sorry for not giving the video.

At the end of the season, my rating stood at 700. But I have power 43000+. When I complete the quest I get a reward. After opening the reward, I got the legendary potion. I am very dissatisfied with the reward.

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