To be like a reflecting surface of the negative energies




Greetings again my dear friends I hope you are very well, around us there are many different reflective surfaces, if those same ones where some kind of energy bounces and sends them to another place, it does not mean that the reflective surface does not absorb part of that energy.

We know by physical principle that energy is not created and much less destroyed, it is transformed, that is why in addition to becoming this type of surface when we need it, it is also necessary to be a continuous agent of transformation of each energy that impacts with us, some will come negatively charged, others positively, and our action must balance or neutralize them in our favor.

Undoubtedly, part of this energy will be absorbed and included in our emotions, the rest will be returned to our surroundings, impacting the people around us, for sure, those people who respect and value us will receive a good dose of that positive energy that we are reflecting towards them, and other people will receive a certain neutral dose, and the rest of the energy that we reflect and that maybe is loaded with negativity, we will transform it into useful energy, either for us or for those people that even though they do not appreciate us, we offer them the possibility to be energized with that transforming energy and capable of valuing the work of others.

If you are convinced that you have done a certain job well, and despite this, you feel that you are not valued, keep in mind that the most important thing is to feel good about yourself, because you know that the valuation of the people around you to you can be subjective, something that for much or little you do hardly change, although time will give you the reason, and that person will have to understand that he did not act in the best way.

Beyond what someone may think about you, worry about doing things well, other people around you will see it, and will undoubtedly reflect in you that energy full of positivism, really valuing your effort, and minimizing to its minimum expression the negativity of those people who full of envy tries to harm your work, Therefore, it is not he who wants to harm, it is he who can, and if we understand the true action of the transformation of energy, we will surely activate our reflective shield properly from those energies charged with behavioral negativity.

Until another opportunity my dear friends.