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Greetings again my dear readers of this prestigious platform, there are countless technological contributions that over time we can get in every aspect of our lives, and as has been highlighted on other occasions all this thanks to the great work of the field of science, this makes us continue to reaffirm that technology is nothing more than applied science.

This time we will relate in a very general way with those mechanical systems which we have called internal combustion engines, and they have been very useful especially in the area of transportation in every way, remember my dear readers that combustion is nothing more than that rapid chemical reaction that generates heat, and therefore energy, and when speaking of energy my dear friends we must express then that this type of mechanical part as the internal combustion engine manage to obtain its mechanical energy by means of that chemical energy that fuels usually have those elements such as carbon (C) and hydrogen (H).

Therefore, in generalized form we can say that combustion is that chemical process in which oxygen (that which is found in the air or directly) reacts rapidly with the component elements of fuels, and as we expressed, in particular with the elements such as carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) and the same main elements of fossil fuels.

Throughout its history, man has managed to design fascinating machines that generate any type of activity, for example, to offer mobility to all of us from one place to another, such as vehicles, and in them he has been able to include the knowledge of innumerable phenomena such as combustion.

Undoubtedly every human being has been able to move from one place to another mounted on any vehicle that uses an internal combustion engine, and they have some wonderful elements of which we can name some as are the combustion chambers, and this type of cameras have commonly called cylinders, and these cylinders are closed and inside it is carried out the mobility of the piston, we also find the head of the cylinders which represent the top of this type of internal combustion engine.

Other elements that we could point out are the pistons since they modify each internal volume of the cylinders and in this way they originate a vacuum through which the essential mixture for combustion such as air (oxygen) and fuel is introduced, of course, these pistons compress this mixture to originate the explosion, therefore, we could express that the movement of these elements (pistons) is what provides the mobility to the vehicle.

We only name some elements of this internal combustion engine, the truth is that thanks to all this mechanical system we have managed to transport us from one place to another allowing us to save our precious time, and of course, also saving our body energy although sometimes it is necessary to walk to improve our health, but not all the time we can do it, and even more, when the distances are so long.

Many are the inventions or creations of man that every day we facilitate our activities, and this certainly to observe our environment we can witness the above and among these creations we find the internal combustion engines, and the same are fundamental parts for the recognized machines such as vehicles in all its representations, actually I think one of the most representative designs of our ingenuity and implementing this type of engines are the vehicles of the formula 1, therefore, I share an animated gif dedicated to this type of vehicle.

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Until another opportunity my dear readers, truly science-technology has made great advances for all of us and will continue to do so in the future and we all are and will be witnesses of these creations.

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