Center of gravity some generalities_Part VIII


First of all a respectful greeting to all the academic and scientific community of, in this opportunity I will continue with the purpose of letting you know a little more about the wonderful phenomenon of the center of gravity of some body, object or a complex system of particles, which in addition, I will elaborate together with you at home.


Many phenomena develop without sometimes realizing their occurrence, and they are part of our natural existence, among these essential phenomena we have to highlight the center of gravity which takes place around us even in our own physical entity, such as our body, and in any other body or object or in the combination of them creating a complex system of particles where the center of gravity acts for proper balance at a given time.

Therefore, my task together with you has been to be able to conform any particle system at home with easily accessible materials to fulfill the purpose set out, that is, to locate the center of gravity of the particle system and continue to expand on it, thereby highlighting the great importance among us.

So I invite you to look around us in order to locate any element with which we can structure a particular particle system with which we can locate its center of gravity, which is why we must continue to remember that every body or object around us is made up of different particles, and they have their own weight, and the sum of these weights give the total weight of the body or object.

Then, any body or object or system of particles that we make and that is around us will have an imaginary geometric point, where all the forces of that system seem to concur to stabilize or balance certain particle system, this point we have called the center of gravity, and also, its action has been demonstrated in each of the previous deliveries, this time I will continue with you demonstrating this action from home.

Center of gravity of some objects or particle systems

In the same way as in the past deliveries I will continue looking for any type of object to see what particle system I can think of to continue demonstrating the action of the center of gravity, therefore, join me in the structuring of the following particle system for which we will only need the following materials:

  • Two plastic containers or bottles.
  • Three toothpicks.
  • A rope of a length of your choice.

Once described and known the materials that I am going to use with you, which you will also see in the following image.


Now we move on to the conformation of our particle system with which we are going to continue analyzing the action of the center of gravity, and also, with elements or materials of very easy access at home, therefore, you can see the following picture.


In the previous image you can see how I have proceeded to fill the two plastic containers with water to give more weight to them and use them for our purpose which will continue to observe below in the following image.


This time I have tied the rope to one of the bottles filled with water, which will be attached in some way to the particle system, but you can see this in the following image.


Clearly you can see how with one of the chopsticks and the other bottle with water we are holding the plastic bottle that I have tied with the string, so let's continue with the conformation of our particle system as you can see in the following picture.


We continue using each of the materials or elements indicated above, this time, I have used another toothpick and I have placed it horizontally on the rope that is tied to one of the bottles with water, let's continue with the following picture.


In the previous image you can see that I have used the third toothpick which I have placed between the horizontal toothpick and the other one that is stepped on by one of the bottles with water, in the following image you will be able to observe better what I express you.


In this image I have already been able to structure the desired particle system, where you can see the center of gravity of this system, which this point works as concentric of all the forces of this particle system even though I have removed the other bottle that was exerting force on the stick that holds the bottle that is hanging as you can still visualize in the following image.



The action of the phenomenon of the center of gravity is possible to find it in any space-time where we are, especially in those spaces where it is required to stabilize or balance a certain body or object or a complex system of particles like the one you have just seen, noting also that I have been able to make it with few materials that you can get at home and put into practice to achieve balance to the system of particles.

Until another time my dear readers of, especially the members of the great @stemsocial community, to whom I recommend to be part of this great project, as it highlights the excellent work of the academy and the wonderful work of the entire scientific field.

Note: All images are my own and worked in Power Point, and they were photographed with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro cell phone, and the animated gif was made with Photo Scape.

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