Center of gravity some generalities_Part IX


First of all a respectful greeting to all the academic and scientific community of, this time we continue with our purpose to know something more about the wonderful phenomenon of the center of gravity of a given body, object or system of particles that we will elaborate as usual we will elaborate at home.


So far we have witnessed the application of the center of gravity phenomenon which we can see in everything around us and as I have highlighted in previous articles even in our body, is that our great advances come from all our complex but fascinating universe.

One of the best aspects that I can highlight again is that with your company I will show you the realization of another particle system with which we will extend our route in the application of this phenomenon, and even more we will continue to do it from home with elements or materials of very easy access for everyone.

As I have done so far, it is important to point out that any object or body is formed by different amount of particles which have their own weight and their sum will give the total weight of the body or structured system.

Without further details, let's try to locate that imaginary point, where it seems that all the force of the system to be performed is concentrated, and which will be that of another tightrope walker, but now we will not use a cork but other interesting materials, so I invite you to continue reading so you can observe this particle system and how it is possible to achieve balance.

Center of gravity of some objects or particle systems

Now it is always important to implement our imagination in order to be able to find any material that will help us in the realization of our particle system which we will balance with the help of the application of the center of gravity, therefore, let's know some of these materials:

*Cylindrical plastic container preferably.
*A piece of cardboard.
*30 centimeters of sweet wire.
*A cardboard cutting scissors.
*Fixed pliers.
*6 nuts.

These materials can be seen in the following image:


In the following image you can visualize the particle system that we are going to make:


We take our cylindrical container to proceed to make the holes through which the sweet wire will pass.



After making the holes in both the bottom and the lid of our plastic container, we will indicate the most important part to stabilize our system with the help of the nuts as you will see in the following image.



You can see how I proceeded to bend the ends of the sweet wire from one side to the other, and then pass it through the holes indicated above as you can see:


Now you can clearly see how the nuts are inserted into the sweet wire and which are inside the plastic container, and the same manage to lower the center of mass of our cardboard tightrope walker, but, before you see how thanks to the action of the weight of these nuts the wire can be kept vertically as you can see in the following picture:



I then proceeded to make my tightrope walker out of cardboard or any other material you can think of as long as it does not exceed the weight of our nuts, otherwise the tightrope walker will not stay upright as you can see:




It was really an extraordinary experience that I had through the realization of this wonderful particle system that although it looks very simple to perform it is not, in my case I enhanced several experiences with other types of non-cylindrical containers completely and did not achieve the goal, and also with the transparency of the plastic packaging allows us to observe the action of the nuts.

Undoubtedly the key is in the doubling of the wire where the nuts are trapped to then place them inside the container indicated above, were many hours of practice but really enjoy the most of the realization of this system which although we can push with our hand can be kept vertically thanks to the weight exerted by the nuts inside the container.

We can pass this tightrope walker mounted on this plastic cylinder by a ramp and enjoy the balance of it thanks to the wonderful action of the phenomenon of the center of gravity, I hope you can do it and check that physical science can teach us everything besides teaching us everything we can have fun with its application, also in any place where we find ourselves.

Until another time my dear readers of, especially the members of the great @stemsocial community, to whom I recommend to be part of this great project, as it highlights the excellent work of the academy and the wonderful work of the entire scientific field.

Note: All images are my own and worked in Power Point, and they were photographed with the camera of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro cell phone, and the animated gif was made with Photo Scape.

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