Mental Health, Gender, and other Crazy Culture Stuff. A Thursday Ramble

Right now we are in a bit of a pickle.

This is a time in life where the clowns have taken over the building, and what was once real is real no more. It's like the church of Scientology has came in and taken the place of real science. Or the Spanish Inquisition is now law and order.

What do I mean?


We live in an era where emotion and experience trump cold hard facts and evidence. It may not feel good to realise that you gambled all your money away on roulette, but the cold hard fact of the matter is that you ARE a degenerate gambler. Facts are hard to accept, and sometimes we like to fabricate lies to make ourselves feel better. The brain doesn't like to hurt.

Like the time I refused to accept that nothing was holding me back, and that I was my own worst enemy. No, it was all those other people like my Dad, and ex friends that I didn't get on with -- those were the people that held me back, not me, oh no, I was an angel.

Interestingly enough the Brain learns patterns. We normally call these addictions. So if you drink alcohol for long enough then it's going to be hard to slice that pattern away. You have to devise new addictions. An addiction can be positive or negative. Does it impact your life in a healthy way? Or does it impact it negatively? Think running to the store to buy a pack of cigarettes when you should be using it to feed yourself, or the family.

Did you know that the brain can get addicted to feeling negative? Like any physical addictions we can get addicted to the way we feel too -- that's why you hear so many mental health experts talking about, "positive thinking." It's not that they want you with a permanent smile etched on your face, it's only to get out of the trap of thinking that everything is negative. Trauma, in any shape or form is a common trigger for this.

Trauma can take many forms. Some people are robust and trauma to them could be an extremely violent event, and other people can be extremely fragile, where trauma to them could mean simply missing the bus for school.

Whatever the case, enough trauma can send you hurtling into a negative think spiral and finding it hard to come out of. Mainly because, wait for it! It's addictive. Crazy, right?

Now as I tell you all this, this is cold truth. I've not only experienced it first hand but I've worked in an industry that helped people with these sorts of issues for the most part of my life. But it doesn't feel good. Telling you that I was once an addict, or that I was once trapped in a negative think cycle and addicted to it -- doesn't fill me with the greatest of feelings.

But it is the truth. Plain and simple.

But today we ignore the science because it hurts. You are not allowed to question transgenderism as a professional doctor even although the psychology behind it is complex. It's not as cut and dry as simply -- "oh you can be a different gender now," and believe me, as someone that has worked on an emotional level with so many people I can tell you that it's not just simply changing sex.

That's not to say that I don't agree with people doing what the fuck they want to. Hey, you want to change your sex then by all means go and do it! More power to you.

But then I draw the line at children. My kid, when he was six and just starting school asked me if he could be a girl because girls were more gentler and nice than boys. I laughed of course and told him that he should way a few years and think about it then. At six he could barely even dress himself let alone decide something as difficult as that.

But we ignore the mental health behind it all. Because working on yourself is hard. Working on yourself to be a better person for your community is fucking hard -- it's just easier to say, "Nah, I'm non-binary now" and there you've found a solution to all your problems. People will have to cow-tow to your bullshit without having to embrace accountability for anything. Anyone that tries you can just label them as sexist or racist. There can be no nuance.

One of the most ridiculous lines I've ever heard from someone is, "What the hell would you know? You are a cis white male" -- and I'd probably sit and listen to them if it was someone from say the Nigerian outback, who would probably have some form of point there. But it's not. It never is.

Heh, anyway. I'm not mad. It's just the way it is.

But I'd like to draw your attention to the last time we ignored the science and instead dived head first into some feel good fluffery.


But I am aware that I am more than likely exaggerating the fall of Rome. It was many prongs to its demise and not just simply, "Ignoring the science" -- although it was quite a contributor.

There is probably more a likeness today of the west through the rise of Mao Zedong of China in the mid to late 1900's. Yet, we were never taught anything in school about the dangers of the far left. I had to read up about the Red Guards and the Chinese revolution on the Internet


It's interesting isn't it? With every major social and cultural change the first thing they do is radicalise the youth. In the 1920's Hitler radicalised the youth through a programme called Hitler Youth. Then, as previously stated, in China, Chairman Mao radicalised many of his youth through the Red Guards.

It's interesting what seems to be happening with our youth isn't it? Very interesting.

Luckily no-one hands them a gun. Yet

Nevertheless, and I think luckily, I doubt whatever is happening in the west will take hold. I think our population were given too much freedom after the second world war. Our freedoms are too ingrained, and I think when push comes to a shove those that are trying to seize power will get a shock at the will of the people. It wont be as easy a battle as it once was. We already see a major battle happening between mums and schools in America as the schools begin to force bollocks and divisiveness down their kids throats.

A once nation that lived relatively peacefully in a melting pot of all colours and genders, now a Politically divided hell-hole. But that cracks are showing. I'm not entirely convinced that this will gain much more ground.


I'd rather go back to where people were reasonably catered for and there was more happiness than not. Perhaps I'm just young, and when I was younger I was stupid, and with that combination I have a biased memory and remember earlier easier times with rose tinted glasses.

Maybe? I don't know.

But whatever the case this intersectional fuckery needs to go. I mean I have absolutely no doubt the people that believe in this stuff think that they are the righteous ones -- but the thing with intersectionality is that it pigeon holes and segregates everyone into neat little boxes over characteristics we have no control over.

It takes zero account for socio-economic class for instance. A black woman driving a Ferrari and dressed well is deemed to be far more oppressed than the white man ex war veteran drunk on the street. Which to me is absolutely insane. Not only are these two classes treated differently, but looked on differently too.

I've looked into intersectionality deeply, and whilst it really tries to pull apart our fundamental flaws for a more well balanced society, it sorely misses out some fundamental and basic characteristics of people.

Take Julia for example. Julia is in a wheelchair and had an abusive father. From the trauma she endured from her father she also has a string of mental health problems which has also led into bad decision making in her life through friends.

In an Intersectional world we would want to uplift Julia so that she matches able bodied people. They would want to hear her struggle, and we should take Julia really seriously. Julia has always wanted to be a Doctor, and thanks to intersectional exams -- she was able to become one. Julia is heralded as a pioneer of Intersectionality.

But fundamentally this is flawed at the core because humans need merit, enthusiasm, and experience.

When we look at this situation externally Julia actually hadn't gone through the robust grading standards that it takes to become a Doctor, and because she sailed through Doctor's school passing on lower grades because of her "disabilities" she thought becoming a Doctor wasn't that hard.

This caused Julia not to appreciate her job as much as she should have. After all, there was no sleepless nights and extensive worrying over not making the grade. Yeah, Julia had it fairly easy. Her lack of appreciation caused her to always think that she was worth more than she actually was.

She was also a dastardly fucking bully. One thing Intersectionality doesn't account for is the abused becoming the abuser, and if anyone has worked a minute in mental health they will have seen this played out far more than once. The bullied becoming the bully. Yeah, Julie's trauma with her father was severe, and through that she learned to solve her arguments through her fists and shrieks rather than in a calm and rationale manner.

But because we live in an Intersectional world we must listen to Julia even though the venom she is spitting from her mouth is just the remnants from a young scared girl a long, long time ago. But we need to listen to Julia.

But I digress.

In this world there is zero equality. Only winners, and losers.

That doesn't mean the winners can't help the losers be winners! I'm all for that. But not in a way that we uplift them enough to bypass the struggle. Winning isn't just about winning.

It's about the journey, and that's full of losses! Too many to count

Peace :)