All Time Is A Good Time To Invest



Ever heard of people mentioning that "Investments are for the big boys only", or things like "I will start to invest when.... "? Well, some argue that investments will require a lot of capital and one should only begin after having some tangible earning power so as to be able to tip the needle. Though it is logical, but then I would say it is not true. Being a small player and earning little doesn't mean we cannot invest nor we cannot tip the needle, it is just that it takes longer and way more patience.

There is never a perfect time. Your financial goal when you are a student is likely to be different from when you just started work, and different from when you have been working for some time. There is never "enough". If that is the case, there will never be a "Perfect Time" to invest.

When Bitcoin just started in 2008/2009, if an individual were to just invest $1 per month into it for around 5 years (total sum of $60), he would easily be a millionaire today! Opportunity does not wait, it is just how hungry we are for success.

I personally would love to invest at a comfortable percentage. Instead of dictating a fixed amount like $100 every month, I would dictate a fix percentage like 5% of my salary every month. So if I earn $100 a month, I would invest $5. Similarly if I earn $100,000 a month, I would invest $5,000. Makes more sense, and inculcates a good habit in my opinion

If I may, this story really inspired me a lot and I would like to share. Meet Ronald the Gas Station Attendant/Janitor, who amassed a fortune of $8 million. Clearly, we do not need to earn big bucks to have big bucks. Be like Ronald

Clearly, the best time is now. Let us stop our procrastination, and actually start working towards our goal. Let us do something that our future self will thank ourselves for