I traveled through the city in a rickshaw with a friend

Hello friends, I hope you are all well. I am very well. Today I am going to share with you, about traveling by rickshaw in the city with my friend.


Today, after a long time, I met a friend from my school life. My friend came to Sirajganj for a useful work.A friend in Sirajganj doesn't come very often. He came after a long time. You don't even know the beautiful place in Sirajganj so I asked my friend to stay at my house today.


So the friend met me at the end of that work. I was very happy to find my friend after many days. I asked my friend to stay in my room today. I will not let my friend go today. The friend agreed and so I took a rickshaw with my friends to see the beauty of the city.


With my friend I traveled by rickshaw and we got off at a hotpot shop. This hotpot is very tasty. I sat in this hotpot shop to feed my friend. This hotpot is very fun.


Then I took my friend to the side of Sirajganj municipality. In Sirajganj municipality, my friend has an important job. I don't know that municipality, so I took my friend to work with this municipality.

Camera: Redmi Not 6 pro

After a long time, I was very happy to meet my friend. I spent a lot of time. I like it very much.

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Travelling with rickshaw is very enjoyable because we can enjoy the beauty of any area in slow motion