Amazing view of the river Jamuna


This afternoon I came to the banks of the river Jamuna. When I came to the banks of the river Jamuna, I saw a very beautiful turbine generating scene. Thousands of people have come here in the afternoon to enjoy the beauty


Everybody likes river weather because river weather is very beautiful. If you enjoy this weather, your body and mind get better. This afternoon I come to the river bank and see thousands of people come to visit the river bank in the afternoon. It is called Sirajganj China Dam. The interesting thing about that place is that the wings of this turbine start to fly when the wind blows.


What I like best is that when the wind blows, the wings of this turbine start spinning, I love to see the scene of this event, then the river bank in Sirajganj becomes very beautiful.Its main hall is located in the sand dunes on the river bank. There are many beautiful places by its side of the mine.


When I came to the river bank in the afternoon, I felt very good. I went to the river. I asked the water of the river. I asked. I liked the river very much.The weather in Nadia really makes the body and mind very peaceful in the afternoon so it is really nice to travel along the river in the afternoon.