Digital Drawing of Lorna Shine from a different perspective.

Hello Hive Community,

This is Rashed again.
Thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me till now.

Another Splinterlands Art.
This time I'm going with Digital Drawing of Lorna Shine.


This is the finalized digital art that I did with Adobe Illustrator path tool and Adobe Photoshop.
Here is the original picture that I tried to recreate.

Here's how I did it.

At first I drew a normal sketch, the outline of the body.

Then I turned that simple outline into Lorna Shine and it was a difficult part for me to do. First I worked on the hair, then the face, the body and at last I drew the big sword.

Then I started coloring in Adobe photoshop and I started with the solid color at first.

Then I used the brush tool decreasing opacity and flow and I tried to give the final touch on color with some shadings.

After giving the finishing touch on the color, I added a suitable background picture from the lore page of the original character.

This is the one that I did today.
I hope splinterlands team will like it.

I will ask you to join with my referral link in splinterlands if you wish to.
And here's my referral link.

Wish me good luck, will you?

Be safe till we meet again.
Au revoir/Goodbye.