Muara takus temple


hello hive friends I want to share information about Muara Takus Temple, Traces of Unrevealed History We still clearly remember when we were in school, there img_20220104_003236.jpg

was a history lesson that briefly discussed the Muara Takus temple. Muara Takus Temple is a Buddhist temple site located in Muara Takus village, District XIII Koto, Kampar Regency, Riau, Indonesia. Muara Takus Temple is approximately 135 kilometers from Pekanbaru City. Or it can be reached from downtown Bangkinang which is the capital of Kampar Regency, it is only 1 hour by motorbike or car. Inside this complex there are several other temple buildings such as the eldest / old temple, the youngest temple, the Mahligai Stupa and Palangka. Actually, besides the Muara Takus temple, on the island of Sumatra there is another temple which is much bigger, namely the Muara Jambi temple complex in Jambi province. Muara Takus Temple is not as famous as the temples on the island of Java such as Borobudur or Prambanan temples. However, Muara Takus Temple actually has its own story and history which until now there are still many things that have not been revealed. One of them is the construction period or when this temple was founded. Some say the 4th century, some say the 7th century, 9th century even in the 11th century. However, this temple is considered to have existed in the golden age of Srivijaya, so that some historians consider this area to be one of the administrative centers of the Sriwijaya kingdom.

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