I'm on the rise

Screenshot_20210925-132629_Kiwi Browser.jpg
I've been anticipating all morning leveling up to 20 today. FINALLY I made it to level 20 and became a headliner!

Also, today my hubby @wdougwatson and I bought packs of cards and a few boosters. We both purchased 24 packs for 100 hive. I also bought a storage trailer card, pizza box and a coffee cup for 5 swap-hive each. I'm most likely to buy a couple more slices of pizza to be able to do a few more high energy missions.

I love this game. I see so much potential in it. I'm only in it for the gaming side as I'm not all that musically inclined. BUT there's even more potential for those who ARE musically talented. You can upload your own music! Makes me want to take music lessons for real! Lol

Anyways that's my progress for today.

Oh oh oh... if anyone has any suggestions please leave me a comment! I'm new and figuring out as I go. Lol

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